Royal stakes raise

how many request do we need to raise royal stakes sametime royal tournys anyone could help me.please

A lot depends on participation. If you will look at Royal (my favorite) it does not have the number of players that the other games do. Would raising the stakes make a difference? I see 5K games cancelled due to low entries. I wish I knew the answer. The 15k draws low participation. Understand this is just my opinion based on what I see. You may want to look into a Royal League, with any stakes that you wish.

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High profile cash game players tend to try all games.
But the fact is that since there are no games available they don’t want to go down to the lower stakes to play.

It’s a bit like the story of the ice cream man.
If he had more flavours he would sell more, but he doesn’t want to increase the flavours because there aren’t enough sales.

Since the ice cream man pays for the flavours but I think for you the tables are free, I suggest you open some highstakes cashgame tables of Stud, Omaha, Royal and you will see that the players come.

Omaha h/l for example, which is a much less popular game than Omaha, often has action even at 1-2m blinds levels.

since replay openend the royal 20k40k board many player were following me .we got usually full seats so at least 50k 100k could be great lol thanks for respondıng back will.


@will_lira HI for the Royal MTT`s you get the same amount of unique players each month as Omaha. Yet Omaha MTT has 25K (bounty) and a 100K . could we at least have a 25 K bounty (they will come play this) and also a 50K MTT. If they are at the same now with lower valuer games I do think you will see a spike in Royal MTT

last month 1703 players - Omaha 1808 Royal for MTTS

Tiggs xx

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Just my 2 cents which is worth even less since eye don’t play this stuff (being gentle). Take away half the cards, that is what royal is right. Well talk about boring. Want more players, put the cards back in the deck. :slight_smile:

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