Royal stake

i don t know thıs is the rıght place but ı lıke to ask if you can hıgher the stakes on royal 50k 100k 100k 200k

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IDK but i would like to see some NL Omaha ring games…curious as to why there are none.

unclick the hide empty tables category and You will find a slew of ring games for nl Omaha…

Omaha Ring Games???

ok,ty not many guess not popular lol

Are you sure? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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well otherwıse u won t joın how wıll ı ll be able to take ur chıps jogi. so help me too to get a hıgher stake on royal .

Come to 250-500k omaha hi/lo and we’ll wrap this up in less than 30 minutes :sunglasses:

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u ever seen me there?? got only 150m man but don t worry when they raıse the stakes 50k100 or 100k 200 u r wlc and ıll wrap u up ın a few mınutes. ıf u stay that long. :sunglasses: :shushing_face:

why don t u joın to 20k hıghest stake 4 now and play 10 mıns enough 4 me and we have a good clash

I’m at too high a level, sorry.
But when you go up I’ll annihilate you in a few minutes gladly (in any game).

you are ambitious man.but im not the one who joınes constantly to royal and get a hit.i give you that .you don t gıve up joınıng my area but you must do better be better to get my chıps.just play 10 mınutes i show you who s annihilated.

and lıke ı saıd wrıte to replay lıke ı dıd and help to raıse the stakes . i ll appreciate ıt and ı l l be gladly. playıng wıth you.