Royal Heaven 2000 locks me out

Hello i can’t enter the Royal Heaven 2000 tour. This tour i tried about 4 times before and for some reason i can never open this tour. I pay cash for my chips, so a refund for this tour would be appriciated as maybye a solution to the problem of not being able to enter this tour. Thank you, bye pokerkings aka Edwin Bruyn

Well i just was able to enter, finally :wink: great game, btw

Grrrrrrr, we change tables and again i can’t enter ;-( I hear them play but my table doesnt open

Im not sure, but I guess you play multy room-s. When I did thet before , got the same problem, thet time I just closed the tour lobby

and my room loaded after fine.

or try refresh your flashplayer, adobe the best right now.

Hey Marci i didn’t play multiple rooms and i do have the latest version of adobe flash player. it only happens at this specific tour, really strange

what browser/OS you use?

I think staff member will look in to this.

It has happened to me four times with four different tournements

Airedale/pokerkings, so some tournaments open fine but others don’t? Can you explain exactly what happens when it doesn’t work, talk through all the steps and what you see, so we can see if there’s a problem or not. Also tell us what browser, operating system and version you use. Any refund requests should be sent to with the details of the tournament you had a problem with. Thanks!

I’m having this problem right now!!! The Tables arenot listing to join??? I signed off and on and it just doesn’t list tables to join. I guess they don’t want to give me my 2500 in free chips for 5 days in a row in playing? Just like when you join a Tourny!

Very strange, are you still having problems. If you want to claim a refund, please send an email to with all the details and we’ll investigate. Sorry to hear about your problems.