Royal games

would like to see more sng royal tournaments Butch A 39

Agreed. I would also like to see tables based on rankings so like skilled players can play together. Nothing more discouraging than having a good table broken by the rookie who is pretty much clueless on how the strategies play out with their constant over betting. At least have a table that only rankings below 20,000 can join. Or even 10,000.

I agree. However it can be fun every now and then to show the rookies how silly they are being, and that they should relax and learn by watching instead of going all in all the time. I think the best thing we could do is have at least a mixed limit, so the clueless could not ruin the game by constantly going all in pre flop. (As any real royal player knows, one of the beauties of royal is that any hand can win any time and there is nothing more frustrating than seeing that 10 10 10 flop after you folded your 10 Q cause some rookie wants to go all in pre flop).

As far the Royal SnG however there are empty tables all the time there waiting for people so as long as as there is demand that should not be an issue. I have noticed however that if I start as the first player for a Royal SnG at most times of the day people will sign up and it will get going. So if you want to see more of it maybe get them started and see how it goes.

Who in Hell would want to play a real money game using the “Royal” set-up? I would just as soon play in a home game where, after the guys (usually) all played their favorite game, someone decided to play "Night Baseball:–you know, 9;s and 3’s wild, an extra card for a 4, and no peeking at hole cards. NOT POKER!

Hahaha! You got that right… it’s not poker. I hated that game. :slight_smile: