Royal Flush in NL Royal

NL Royal … does getting a royal flush at these tables not count for the award?

I only played this table to get that award, I made the hand but doesn’t show up. I’ve also never gotten a straight flush at this site either. I don’t know if that would effect it.

I would think that no matter what table you got a royal flush at should’nt have any effect on them giving you your award for it. But what do I know? Good luck I hope you get the credit for it. You won it far and square!

Not count in rewards, would not be fair. Wont be added. Ever.

Royal its approx

1/ 160k hand in normal play.

280k hands and I already have 3x . Hurrah! :))

lucky :slight_smile:

You could ask new award for Royal rooms, make comment on this thread: