Royal Flash - but no award?

Hey all,

If I got it right, you get awards for a good hand. I had a royal flush as you can see here:

However, I didn’t get an award for that. Is it because I dind’t show my hand? But then this should be stated somewhere…

Thanks for help

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+1 on SharonSmarty

No, sorry, I cant see.You MUST show.
( Also, just for side note, “Royal” tables not count at all )

These fine folks have it nailed: you have to display your cards (not muck them, in other words) for it to count toward awards. And yeah, it’s a little too easy to earn a Royal Flush in Royal, so you might have to experiment with some different variants.

Our apologies for the confusion and best of luck! It looks like you’re on your way to kicking butt at poker.