River card

Replay Poker…Please take the river card out of holdem poker.Thank you.Bodie


Pretty please with whip cream on top.

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Snitty I just smoked a bowl of Grease monkey with that said I have come to a even better suggestion sir.Let’s get ridof the river card and the turn card. Cause Bodie said so… :rocket: :smile: :muscle: :100: :male_detective: ps Snitty see if u can guess what the last emoj is i put up. Ha

Your undercover or a detective – I have been trying to drain the river but it keeps filling up - must be 1 of those money pit traps.

Sniity I tell ya what it is it is a illusion PRIMETIME708 think’s so to bro

and get rid of the flop

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Yes Brother!

snitty no he is dea

Sort of undercover then - lol

Bodie, that emoji reminds me of Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad- :grin:

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That’s a great idea Bodie!!


Lol that is my dumb brother…I lost a bet to him and I had to use his pic lol.

Thank You!!! I HATE the river card about 95% of the time …Lol Hope u are doing well my friend!

That makes it typical replay. You will get beat by the river than not.

jwd44tx…Exactly brother ! The river card is evil! …No good

Bad idea. All the donkeys would leave and stop buying chips.