Ring games only - Poker ABC & 123 (Bankroll - How To Be a Winner)

Please Don’t comment if you a tournament player. Security will shot to kill. (cash/ring)
What has helped improve your poker game the most? (cash/ring)
There are many rules in poker. Rules are meant to be broken though. I learnt a lot from a few players that were particularly valuable. Some are very simply like the ABC song or days in each month song - very educational. Ring/cash game strategy only. (cash/ring)

I have 3 that helped improve my game that are very memorable & easy like ABC or 123. (cash/ring)

1.C_______________ (a friend would say this often in ring game)
2.C_______________ (same friend would say this)
3.P_______________ (a diff friend also mentioned this)

These rules were very easy ABC but certainly not the best. (cash/ring)

I was really just a decent aggressive noob (or new born baby) whilst i was absorbing this poker wisdom from other noobs. Despite hearing them it took a while to understand, learn & implement them.

Whats your most memorable, simple or valuable Poker Rules, Tips you can offer?

I have 3 secret memorable & definitely valuable basics tips I will reveal if mentioned otherwise daily starting at 3. Remember ring/cash only. Not tournament tips etc.

Steaming, I see many players bet very aggressively after getting beat in a big hand. Easy to catch them.

Steaming? Sounds like tilt. So call with a wider range when a players steaming or on tilt. Good tip.

I forgot about this memorable poker saying that is very apt and specific to RP:

“If they bet it they have it.”

Whilst this isnt always true it most often is for many specific RP players that are easy to read. For example a player is very passive, rarely or never raises pre flop &/or never 3bets etc & suddenly plays aggressively. Very rarely this is some nonsensical crazy bluff but its almost always representational of exceptional strength. Its rarely ever worth calling especially considering the strong size bets reducing pot odds.

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