Ring games 500/1000 and 50K+ tournaments vs ,, Real money poker,,

Hello everyone,

I noticed that skill level DRASTICALLY changes once you start playing at 500/1000 ring games,

I made 2 mil chips bankroll with very simple ABC strategy meaning you bet big most of the time with good hands and avoid bluffing as much as possible.

However i feel like that players who have ,lets say, 1,5mil chips and more clearly know how to play this game and they are not just , Randomly clicking buttons,

I honestly feel like that average 1000/2000 chips replay player is better than average NL2 and NL5 real money poker and i truly mean this( i have played both and that is my conclusion), although some people would tell you that playing here is wasting your time and i HIGHLY disagree with that.

I am pretty sure that there are people at very high stakes ( and even smaller) who take this game seriously and wont call you all the way down with any pair or draw as some , Guru, might tell you.

Where do you study the game and are there some good youtube channels or forums that would help me improve my game and get better. I feel like i am bad at decision making and i cant remember my opponents previous actions in order to have an idea what hands he might be holding in certain situations.

Hoping to get replies to this,

Greeting from Serbia,
Aleksa :slight_smile:


That’s where taking notes on players comes in handy. There is a place right on the screen to do it.


I don’t care for Negreanu and Polk so much myself, but Negreanu has a lot of popular material, and Polk’s content is generally very good (though I find him unpleasant somehow). Both have a lot of YouTube content and web pages also.

Johny Vibes and Rampage Poker also have a lot of entertaining stuff that will also expose you to some reasonably good poker.


Hey Craig,

What would be good notes, i make some simple notes like this:

  • Calling station ( or calls too much)
  • Folds a lot and never bluffs
  • Makes a donk bet on flop with top pair
  • Maniac
  • Bets draws or does not bet draws

Are there some other notes that you make about players, i am glad that i could get answers from some of the very best players on this site.:slight_smile:


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I like notes that tell me frequencies the opponent takes certain kinds of actions:

  • I will have some sessions where I focus on pre-flop raising, limping and folding rates, indicating how often from each position they take various actions
  • I will have other sessions where I focus on the post flop actions of my opponent’s play, trying to categorize calling frequencies, and how often bets of different sizes turned out to be bluffs, thin value or protection, or solid value

In environments where people go all in pre-flop a lot, I like to record the hands they did that with, so I have some idea what the jamming range looks like.


Limping is a big one and how the player uses the clock vs what he has for the win , lose or fold.