Ring Game Pionts

Does a player receive 1 Ring Game Point if after the hand is dealt to them they are Timed out or “sat out” ?


  • You cannot be dealt into a ring game hand if you are Sitting Out and you get 1 point for being dealt a hand (as long as there are 3 or more dealt in).
  • The win/loss is regardless of whether you reached showdown or not. If you time out, the loss still gets counted.


Thank you for the response … so to totally clarify as long as a player is “awake” and dealt into the hand they will receive the 1 ring game point even if they are timed out after the fact given that there are 3 players dealt into that particular hand (as u stated “the loss” still gets counted did u mean “hand”?)

Thanks again … Take Care … The Goat :slight_smile: :goat:

I meant the loss of chips gets counted. If they time out and fold, they will make a loss on the hand and it is counted into the equation. If they lose 5 big blinds, it cancels out the 1 point for being dealt in, for example.

Thanks got it