Ring Game - 200/400 NLHE buy-in

Hey all,

I’ve just reached the million chips milestone (yeah :smiley:)
However when I want to enter a 200/400 ring game I can’t use the usual buy-in range, I have to buy-in with 150,014 chips (see below).

Now it might be because I participated in two previous 200/400 ring games and cashed +123,5k I don’t know. When I go to lower stakes I can use the classic buy-in range. Is there a rule I’m not aware of? Is that a bug of some sort?

I’ll check it out again tomorrow but in the meantime can anyone help?

Sorry for the double post but if it helps I’ve just noticed that 150,014 matches what I earned from my last ring game where I bought in for 50,000 so maybe it originates from there.

The short answer is if you rejoin within an hour, you have to bring the same amount of chips with you. We do it to keep things fair for everyone – we’re not messing with you at your the epic moments. :wink: Congratulations, by the way! That’s absolutely awesome!

Here’s an article that lays it out: http://help.replaypoker.com/knowledge_base/topics/why-cant-i-deposit-my-winnings-and-then-come-back-and-sit-at-the-same-table

Thanks a lot Gatzby. I was looking for an article but couldn’t find it :blush:
Ok it makes sense, I figured as much but it’s always good to know.

And thanks, next step is having more chips than you, I’m getting there :wink:

I’m closing in!

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I won nearly 200 chips in our staff game yesterday – I can’t be stopped!

I saw that, impressive! :slightly_smiling:

I’ll build a little cushion before bragging about being in front, I lost roughly 80k in my last session, a little reminder from the almighty variance. So I’ll aim at 1,5M and then brag a bit ^^

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To hell with the buffer strategy:

My session was a real roller coaster that I feel I owned the right to brag a bit ^^
Ended with the 3rd flush suck out against a set of the day costing me 30k but in the long run I made 120k to finally be in front!
So the variance muse could eventually be lured.

By the way do you guys plan to make more staff games? Because it’s hard to participate given time zones.

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Congratulations, jerk!

We’d like to yes. Our staff is spread across the globe (Brazil, India, England, Germany, Sweden, US East, US West), so we’ve been toying with the idea of running two Bust the Staffs so everyone has a chance (staff and community) to play. We definitely feel timezones, heh.

Another thought was to rotate it around the clock by month. We haven’t hit the perfect soluton yet, but it’s definitely something we’re considering.


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Lol I saw that, congrats!

I’m 1,2M again. I’ll start playing some tourney, and we’ll see :wink:

Watch out!

One more tourney win and I’ll be in front :wink:


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lagging behind gatzby :smiley:

I’ll stop playing for a while please make it to round four as it motivates me ^^

You never know when I might pounce!