I really think these tournaments are so rigged ! No matter how many tournaments I play a day I win maybe one or 2 every other month or so but yet you look on the leadership boards the same winners are always winning a tournament every day or every other day. That’s not fair and I am not the only player who sees this. You make rules of couples playing in the same room cause it wasn’t fair to others but yet this is fair for the same ppl to win all the same time. To me this game is rigged and is so unfair to some players ! ! ! Ask around other players will tell you the same ! ! !

So it is rigged? There are no good players and no bad players? If players win often it is rigged and they are no good players?

Strange opinion. It would be fair and not rigged when players win when it is their turn, no matter if it are good or bad players?

btw…very heavy accusation.