Ridonkulous Poker Hands Wall of Shame

Thought it would be fun to post some of the horrible hands we see every day here. Post the worst plays you see so we can all share the pain and the laughs. Plus, it may help identify some players to either skin or avoid, at your discretion.

Let’s start it off with this one - seemingly certain to hit the runner-runner. Sadly, he does: https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/313013523

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Oh, man—!!!

thats not fair Warlock, almost better to play the person not the cards HU…
outta context my HU play would look atrocious…

This is rediculious because for the 1st time in a long ass time, the river didn’t chg things.

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In any context, this play and this player are both horrible. Seen too much of it from same guy and it goes on the wall.

I’ll just politely agree to disagree on HU play in general.

Lets just have some fun with this one though, ok? Trying to be light and not go theory wonkish for once :slight_smile:

BTW - nice pot. not a clue what the thoughts in anyone’s mind other than yours could have been there. This is why set mining can be really profitable and also why playing them strong in multi-way pots is the better appraoch. Well done.

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Sure, light it is… that almost doubled my bankroll, I was exstatic it held up…
usually thats when I play it the same way and the river kills me …
ohh and tks on the cake , thingy…


lol, calling station table XXL


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I can’t find a link to the hand but about a month or two ago I was playing a Royal tournament and had pocket 10’s we ended up going heads up to the flop.

Flop comes 10 10 K

Of course I’m betting for value with quad 10’s and he calls.

Turn and river come A A

I shove All In on the river and get called.

My opponent shows quad Aces.

Quad 10s vs Quad Aces. That was ugly!

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there are too many ,about 4 to 5 a day since 2 weeks,…just keeps getting worse day by day…
earlier today last hand flop was 24K I bet 12000 on flop as I had 104 didn’t think he had anything got called by Q6,turn was a Jack…I bet 24000 he called,so we got 24kJ out there and he calls my 24000 with nothing ,river is a queen…amen…

50k tourney few minutes ago flop js k24 I’m bb and I get k2 I bet 200 get raised another 200 ,I checked his rank 16000k medium,called him all in…he called he had k5,turn card is 5…amen…

done for the day,4 earlier bad beats don’t recollect them clearly…

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Post the best worst ones. Its good for everyone to see them.

First, it will show that everyone has been donked around so no one should think its personal or that the site is rigged. Second, its good information on who the donks are and the different flavors they come in. 3rd, everyone likes seeing nut-shot videos for some very demented reason.

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I’m just waiting to see one of my terrible plays in Bust the Staff! :wink:


I wouldn’t worry about it Fizzy - this is a target rich environment so all but the most entertaining probably won’t make the final-cut during editing :slight_smile:

Besides, its not about “bad” plays - its about donkish crazy behavior. If it was about bad plays, I’d save everyone the trouble and just post my entire hand history here and let it stand. I am playing so poorly lately that I feel like I die a little inside every time I sit at a table. Its just painful.

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Warlock, you are SO gracious!

thats a great idea, the posterboard page with who busted whom, maybee we should ask for them to add all the replays of all you busting out…and if ur gonna give bonuses for busting player reps too, then add them to the list of who busted whom.

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I say this honor should be reserved for JUST staff! :nauseated_face:


Hahahahaha, awesome!!!