Ridiculous calls

after playing another site 4 real money Irealise just how rediculous this site is. most players are B ingo players with no idea of strageties or poker!! the biggest chip stack wins! i want to learn more about poker not have players going all ii on say a 5/3 .It ruins the game! when my chips run out i’m out of here!!


yes and most of the time they have all the luck to win the hand with bad cards they win from monster cards like AA or KK i notice it to it olso cost me allot of chips…

You have to be able to adapt your game. Wherever you play there will be varying styles and approaches put in to action by your opponent. The key is to make the necessary adjustments, play within your own ranges , not the opponents!!! You should be doin just fine.:sunglasses:

It must be said that many silly calls are made that wouldn’t happen if it were real money involved. A great many chase flushes with garbage hands, and when they hit, and even in hi-stake games, someone hits with a ridiculous hand and is a little annoying. My worst hand lately was AK clubs…flop was A56. I bet fairly heavily, half pot, so - turn K ! Nothing suited. I go all-in and get called…River 8. No problem you’d think…my 2 pr lost to a straight 'cos the other guy had 74suited. I ask you…who calls with that??? A flush-chaser who got extremely lucky that’s who. Bleh!

Many of us have noticed that newcomers usually win, regardless of the odds or percentages inv9lved. Going all in is a very powerful move and I would have no problem with those who do if the dealing was as it should be. Also I have a serious problem with those who work for Replay being in the Game. I know who some of them are and I have watched them apparently knowing either the program and what is going to be dealt again or being able to manipulate the dealing program so as to prevail. I have played poker for many years, serious money poker and I have never seen anything like this. On more than one occasion I have been dealt the same cards, same suit etc two or more times in a row, My daddy used to say, if it smells like rotten fish and looks like rotten fish then it must be rotten fish.


I don’t know why you’re using this email. it’s my boyfriends. You have mine.

terrible calls happen in casino’s as well, you might even see these things happen at a 5/10 nl table, bad players are not just on free sites.

Your AKs did get sucked out on, pretty badly as well might i add, and i assume you raised it preflop. If you didn’t however, you deserve to get sucked out on imo (i actually see people limping behind with ak because “no pair so no bet lulz”)

The call on the flop is bad, but you also have to understand that A56 rainbow is a standard cbet flop, calling with an open ended straight draw is Less bad (although still pretty bad.) half potting it won’t get bad players off their open enders.

Suck outs happen, you just have to make sure you did everything you could have done to get the most out of your hand. If you know someone will call half pot with a straight draw on the flop, why not make your bet bigger? (like 75% pot or pot if the 74s guy is a big fish, he sounds like one to me)

Letaly i have been playing BandR - Bankroll Builder - as you know it is possible to top you chips up, and also it is OK to go all in, if you have the cards and the chips, of course - but lately i have had hatred trown on me, because i do this - I just played one - 9.27 my europe time, and a player GDCKagald - i saw his name as, he was so hatred as he told me to leave, i was ruined the game, he said - i know, you say here, do not critise people - but this one, was too much, i did go on and some other players backed me up - i love top lay here, but hatred is not to be accepted - did not know where to go with this - and if there is another place, let me know - he said i ruined the game… by going all in, when i had cards to do it - and as you know, you can not know, if you win or not… but i enjoy this exitement… it fun, for me - so my advise is - Read The Play… before you go to the tables, because if it is ok to go all in - then you are allowed to do so - and if you do not like that, then choose another game - thanks for making it possibel, i enjoy it, when the players know it and accept the rules

Sounds like that guy was a just a Baaaaaaaaaaaaaad Loser , Keep playin your way. If ya find a downswing in results then maybe consider a change of approach . Dont be worryin bout that guy. If he couldnt play against your style HE should have left

This site is total BS. The odds mean nothing here. Clearly the software is set to deliver lots of bad beats and I believe the admins can single you out as well. There is no way in hell I would ever buy chip from this site…EVER!


I would never buy chips, but I don’t need to because I have almost 40,000,000 because it’s extremely easy to win on this site.

I think anyone who plays here regularly should buy chips at least once in order to support the site, whether you need them or not.

People don’t think twice about spending $50 or $60 on a game they will beat in 20 hours and never play again, why balk at helping support a venue that provides many hours of play?

Maybe it’s just the way I was raised, but if you do for me, I am honor bound to reciprocate in kind.

And no, I’m not trying to insult anyone with this view. It’s just the way I see things and isn’t meant as a criticism of any one else’s perspective.

SunPowerGuru wrote:“I think anyone who plays here regularly should buy chips at least once in order to support the site, whether you need them or not.”

I agree. I have found myself feeling guilty because in fact I have played poker here almost daily for the past two years and haven’t bought a chip. I think there are many people who also have the same record and like me don’t buy chips because we have a winning record and we don’t want to taint our winnings with “bought” chips. Management would not consider asking for donations so the question becomes, for me at least, how can I contribute.

One great way to contribute is to spread the word so we get more players. Another good way is support the volunteer staff at the table by publicly complimenting them for their dedicated and donated time. They try hard to make Replay Poker a good experience for everybody. Just by participating here on the forum us a way of earning the time you spend at the tables. SharonSmarty and JoeDirt come to mind, but at any given time this active forum has great advice and information for other players.

As we collectively make this site the best there is, it will attract more players and some of these new folks will buy chips.

I agree with you Scratch and with SunPowerGuru, I have been playing on this site for almost 2 years, and have found that the Replay Poker Staff are a pretty neat bunch. So many people complain about it being rigged and being unfair, I had never played Omah hi low before and got addicted to the game, Heck I even won Bust the Staff once, I have made bets large ones when I was sure it was a loser, but I keep trying to do better, but getting mad at someone else for my own mistake is not in the cards for me, keep up the good work Replay and lets all be thankful that it is a free site that we all can enjoy and meet new friends

I agree, Scratch. I have thought about buying chips as a way of donating to the site, but I don’t actually want the chips. I guess buying chips for someone else would be another way to donate.



only low stake… mostly…

Thanks and yes soo right… he also had to leave

i dont really want to buy chips, but i wouldnt mind paying a small yearly fee for the privleage of playing, also think it would be cool if paying people and none paying were some how kept seperate…like running advertisement for the none paying people so replay could get more sponsers…like pogo but without all the kiddy crap