Review of previous hand a joke!

Uh how do I explain this? OK your previous hand review is by far the most ridiculous thing I ever saw! I honestly thought it was a joke and tried it 2x. So let me get this straight you’re in the middle of playing and if u wanna see last hand u have to watch the ENTIRE hand PLAYED OUT IN REAL TIME? So basically you’ll miss at least 2 hands because u wanted to see what cards fell. You guys r funny! It should just be u click? u see what cards fell! Not have to sit through entire hand real time! C’mon MAN!

Once upon a time players was able to see and replay all previous hands. The site name actually reflect that. Taken away… I guess free up resources

If you play one room, you able click on “prev” in left corner the replayed hand and go back as long you play at that table ( or just copy and save the number for later) All The Best

longireland69, I’d agree the need to sit through the whole replay is tedious. We’re working on a couple of features that will vastly improve this. Firstly, we’ll create a textual snapshot of the hand for you to view, so you see all the action at a glance. Secondly, we’re moving away from the Flash client, it’s yesterday’s technology and is prone to all sorts of performance issues. We’re developing an HTML5 client to replace it, we hope to launch a beta version later this year.