Retirement /Pension

Every time I see that topic “Retirement”, I come here hoping to see a discussion
on “Retirement”… lol… As someone who has been ‘retired’ for 18+ years now I’d
be interested in chatting about it…

I’ve learned a ‘thing or two about a thing or two’ on the subject, so if the issue
is of interest to you, and you’d like to hear about how to ‘succeed’ at it all you
gotta do is ask… lol… “Money” is the biggest aspect, obviously, but “Health”
is probably equally important… For starters…

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Anhaga, the ‘problem’ with a ‘pension’ is, more often than not anyway, they do not
‘adjust for inflation’, so sooner or later they become inadequate for ‘the mission’…

Mine does, but it’s still not enough… :>))) …

Then again, it may very well be that in other countries things are even better for
retirees… In the U.S., where I am, it is important to have as many ‘pension checks’
as possible… Many private companies don’t offer pensions as much as in the past
because of the availability of the “I.R.A.”, so it is good to sign up for as many of
them as one can…

A good example is Warren Buffett, one of our richest citizens, who devised a plan
to invest in the IRA despite the fact he wasn’t eligible… Having learned of that I
was able to do as he did when I saw that I, too, wasn’t directly eligible…

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way” … lol…



Well Winston, I have the inflation raise each year and the Canadian government covers most medication and necessary surgery costs, so I can get along reasonably well. Given the fact that I am physically restricted, I don’t get out very often and so I don’t spend a great deal on dating or wild parties! Lol.
I put a fair amount of time in on writing novels and short stories, and each December I donate a few Christmas stories to the local newspaper. It helps me feed the survival imperative.
Looks like you have found a way to survive,too. With out the will, where would we be?
Unfortunately, poker seems to be finding too many “won’ts” for me.
Be well,
The Anhaga.