Restricted bets

I’d like an UN-FOLD button.


So Puggy,
(when V has less than 2bb, more than 1bb)
Any hand you’ll limp with, you’ll also pay x2. Any hand he has, he’s already pot committed pretty much. Now since you didn’t raise him in, you accept the fact that should he shove… you won’t be able to reraise, unless someone later in the action also does.

If V has more than 2bb, but still generally shortstacked… when you act before this person you have to be aware of his stack. Any bet of 50% or lower, and any raise from him reopens action… any bet of 51% or more, sticks you in that same boat of potentially not being able to raise, only call, should he shove. There are higher amounts where this still comes into play, but the bottom line here is the fact that you MUST be aware of stacksizes. Even if you/someone earlier bets an amount a later person can’t legally raise, you might get stuck.

Since NL table stakes allows an all in @ any time, as a legal bet. That superceedes the rule then for reopening action and raises. There has to be some rule when a player cannot make a raise but can go all in. I’m sure whatever it is , some players will want it another way.

If noone else that CAN raise does-so, either they might be trapp’n or don’t have that great of a hand but are try’n to kill the short also… You get some information, not much tho… and you’re early to act on the next street.
Superstacks can use this alot to thier advantage when sizing thier bets. They can pick/choose by certain bets who/who cannot, reopen action.