Respect for military

all servicemen and women should have something on their name to say they served.

How do u mean?

I believe their name should be in a different color so we can acknowledge them if we choose. My son was a USMC and I would lke to thank any veteran for their service before we play.

Do you mean all veteran or just all US veteran !?

I wonder thet too… just dont want name any other country…

( Im veteran too)

Anyway, how posible RP check if the person real veteran???

No way. Just leave RP political/race/military free.

It is an idea, but they are right about all counties. I served with people from Norway, UK, and France. What about the one’s that were on the other side. They fought and suffered too. Might not be the place to do that. This is a world sight I just want to play card and live in peace.

If somebody was a member of a terrorist group, such as IRA, ETA or Red Army Faction would they also count?

I have great respect for the military forces of all countries who risk their lives to protect others. But I think as a poker site where people come to relax and enjoy the game, and where people from all over the world are welcome, regardless of their nationality, it may not be appropriate and possibly could cause offense. Of course player’s bios are really an opportunity to tell us a bit about yourself and I’d welcome any mentions of serving in the military, I for one, would have great respect for that individual.

Agreed totally and would want to withdraw this idea. Thank you for you comments.