Requesting a refund for an opponent. "Piomoretti1" was dc or afk for the majority of the tournament. He dropped 20k for a heads up game

Here is a snapshot.

I insisted in ending the match by “calling” for 10 minutes, despite his absence.

I recommend that ReplayPoker should have some circumstantial “trigger” that withdraws an individual when he or she is afk for more than x minutes.

Every person should be able to prioritize their life over a game of poker.

On the other, there should be a small penalty and retribution for leaving and wasting the other players time.

What do you think RP?

Thanks for the feedbacks SlowRolled. The topic of no-shows for the tourneys is a heavily debated one. Some believe one you pay the buy-in you have the right to enter the tournament at any point, even on your last hand before you’re blinded/anted out. The approach we’ve taken is to require an attendance of 50% of the hands in order to qualify for tournament points. We also have a rule whereby in freeroll tournaments where there is no buy-in, you will be removed from the tourney after the third blind level (unless stated differently on the tournament pop-up) if you haven’t been present for a single hand.