Report button in-game to alert moderators to inappropriate/abusive chat by a player

A quicker way to alert a moderator to a problem than checking to see which moderators are online and then sending them a private message.



Paul@ can you make it like the reported room came up on the moderators monitor ?

very good idea

i love this idea!

That’s a great idea!

Agree… many many kids ruining gameplay by disgusting low IQ, simple minded cursing… these kids should be banned… GOOD IDEA

I like this idea, and it would have come in handy a couple times in the past month.

i rhink u nee to get this into action as soon as poss asppl like me muted cant get a mod to the table to see what is happening so ppl get away with abuse as not many ppl report them

being muted and cant send guestbook messages to mods or other ppl,i think its a great idea so we can call a mod quicker lets all vote make it happen

Interestingly enough I enjoy playing with chat turned off as a global setting ten times more. I’m simply not interested in what they have to say - I’m interested in what they have to play.

I really don’t understand the so much fuss about moderation. Do they come here to play poker or what? Making stupid remarks - you don’t need a poker site for this, you can do this elsewhere.

Moderation its not about only moderation. Example, user got a problem with something else… Its more then support then moderation, I think moderating ( cheaters and profanity ) only about 10% now the work . In the other hand, what you say if some user got stalked by other, just simple go away? Im just asking this theoretically only . ofc. Unfortunately, no site can work without moderation if user can interfere in the site any way. (some site moderation done by the owner, thets may confuse you.)

I leave my yahoo messenger open while being here on RP. That was as soon as someone sends a private message to me here yahoo sends me a popup saying who sent the message and when. “Receive new message alerts” Undo this, then you not get it anymore. Its work as should. all good.

Very few players use mute because they like chat during games. Once in awhile that chat becomes an issue that needs to be moderated to protect the integrity here

I like the fact that I get alerts so undoing this isn’t something I want to do

I love this idea. Is it close to being emplented?

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i agree w/ egyptstyle (3 yrs ago), took the words out of my mouth. seems things haven’t changed, bingos/newbys just getting snottier and cussing more. need a quick and easy way to ID or report an offender to RP. ruins the game, the mood, the enjoyment. if it isn’t stopped early, they’ll only get bolder and uglier. creating a cussing, intimitdating contest; not an enjoyable game of wits & poker.