ReplayPoker Rule Changes - IMPORTANT

In an effort to promote a more competitive environment and discourage unfair play, we've updated the rules on ReplayPoker. The new rules come into effect today (Weds 11th May, 2011).

One player - one account.

An important change is that players may now only have ONE ACCOUNT on ReplayPoker. Multiple accounts are no longer permitted under any circumstance.

If you've ever registered more than one account, here's what you need to do now:

1. You must pick ONE ACCOUNT as your primary account. This is the account you must always play with.

2. The other accounts MUST BE DEACTIVATED. To deactivate an account, login to the secondary account, go to your Settings and click the 'Deactivate' button.

3. If your secondary account has MORE THAN 50,000 play money chips, you will be allowed to transfer the chips to your primary account. The transfer of chips will be permitted until 1st July, 2011 only. After this date chips will not be transferrable.

Improved collusion detection

Over the past few months we've been working hard on setting up internal systems to automatically track the activity of players on the site. These allow us to now detect unfair play such as chip dumping, in which one player loses a hand intentionally to another player in order to transfer chips.

After today, any player caught cheating, playing unfairly or using multiple accounts, will be subject to immediate penalties including loss of play chips and closing of their accounts.

, ‘‘you will be allowed to transfer the chips to your primary account.’’

How users can do thet?

It’s easy, go to your settings page, then click the deactivate button. Then follow the instructions on the image below…

I see… Thank you . Now its easy to thet way.

Can you put this info to the home page please?

other thing… So moderators still ban any chipdump at the tables. Right?


OK, Paul with this change I would like to change the user name of my primary account. How is the best way to do that? Please expedite a solution!

Send us an email at with all the details and we should be able to update it for you.

OK, Paul I’ve have sent my request several days ago to for an ID change is their anything else I need to do besides being patient.

Sorry for the delay nonotme, I’ll make sure this is dealt with today.

hey, i have, i think, 8 other accounts on wich i used to play like 4 years ago. problem is that i dont rly remember the password(and from some even the username) of those accounts. how am i gonna be able to deactivate them?

In that case I suggest just leaving them dormant. The important thing is there’s no chance of you accessing them again.

will do;)