Replay Winter Games Day 2 - Investigation Underway

Greetings Poker Fans,

We hope you are excited for another day of the Replay Winter Games!

As pointed out by Goatsoup, it looks as if there is an issue with the leaderboard for Replay Winter Games Day 2. We have began looking at the issue and we think that some scores are being pulled onto the leaderboard that should not be.

We are going to review everything and correct all problems. We don’t have a timescale that we can promise, but we are working on the issue and endeavour to have the situation remedied in a timely fashion.

We thank you for your patience whilst we investigate and wish you good luck for today’s event.



We have reviewed the situation and we found that some of the scores on the leaderboard did come from non-qualifying games.

Therefore we have re-ran the leaderboard with the correct information, and the correct leaderboard has been produced and the winners have been paid.

Congratulations to Goatsoup on another RWG victory! Can anyone catch them?

Have a great Replay Winter Games.