Replay Winter Game #16 Update & Resolution

It came to our attention last week that there were some issues with the scoring in Replay Winter Games Event #16.

Upon further investigation, we have come to the conclusion that there was an issue with the scoring not capturing all Ring Game Points scores correctly. This was due to an issue with a new version of the client that was released. We have addressed this issue and it should not happen again moving forward.

This means that there was a change in medal winners for RWG #16. A huge congratulations goes to ‘Sassy_Sarah’ from the USA for her 1st place finish! 2nd and 3rd place both went to Romania, congratulations to ‘mamiro’ for 2nd place and ‘iemil’ for 3rd.

You can view the final finishing positions here.

The above leaderboard will payout full prizes, irrespective of any previous payments. We will not be taking any chips away that were awarded on the first leaderboard either. All players on the updated leaderboard have been paid.

This did not change the top 5 order for our forum medal prediction contest, which will be wrapped up shortly.

We would like to offer our sincerest apologies to all affected by the issues caused in this event. We would also like to thank the vigilant players who bought this to our attention.