Replay used to be fun

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Same with forum too.


Wow bud you might want to look at urself in the mirror b/c I think there is nothin worse then being a hypocrite and you are one with a Big H … I was playing at a table with u just this am and YOU kept making FUN of my play … I happened to be “sitting” directly after you at the table and raised a few times the pot pre flop and YOU made a point to say how much in the bank playing at the 125k table followed by what eva “not so nice” u had to comment … I can’t believe I looked over in the forum and who out of anyone would be running their mouth about “congratulating a good hand” you bud are full of crap and need to be called out for it. We only played together for maybe 10 mins and I remember 1 hand I had AQ and pre flop raised to something like 8500 got 1 caller I caught a Q on flop raised pot got approx. 30k got called on turn I raised pot again and other player folded I won hand then on purpose I showed my hand so that YOU would see b/c of all your comments towards me … YOU didn’t congratulate me with a nh or what eva and while we played together you neva congratulated anyone all you did was complain … That was the ONLY hand u saw my cards win or lose b/c you left fyi my other pre flop raises were AKs 1010 KQs AKo KK and JJ (I remember the 1010 was just for you b/c you were being such a jerk lol)… why in the hell did u write this peace to make yourself feel better !!! I don’t normally tell other players what my notes on them are but I will tell you exactly what I wrote for real … Two words “A hole” Take care and have a nice day … and p.s any player can play any hand anyway they like PERIOD and I will repeat the ONLY thing I said to you at the table “play your own cards and STFU” … I mean bud you weren’t even in the hands and not only mine either and you had something NEGATIVE to say and we played together for maybe 10 mins !! Ever think that if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem? … Give me a break


I wonder what George Carlin would have to say about the cliche “family friendly”.


@Skippywon you sir have been called out :slight_smile: Thanks @Goatsoup

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For Sure and there are lots more like skippy…BTW Goat I noticed you are not on my friends list ?? I sent you a request …hope it was an accidently delete lol. Otherwise no more tin cans for you my friend :slight_smile.

regarding Goats post…this is the reason a players info (bankroll) should be private. I see no valid reason for others to know how many chips are in my bank. In fact I see no reason for others to see who my friends are either …this place has people being spied on by others and say what you will,it feels like my privacy is being violated (no jokes please) lol. seriously why does Replay aloow every Tom,Dick and Jane to see how many chips people have???

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Poker is properly played to win. There is no need for nasty comments, but there is no need for friendly chatter either. If you want chit chat go to a chat site or play bingo. LOL When playing poker, I just play poker and basically keep to myself. If that offends you so be it. The side chatter is a distraction I don’t personally care to engage in.


I switched off the comments, as the majority were all baiting and criticizing. Some were congratulatory, but in the main got on my nerves with their constant not always helpful chatter. Better to concentrate on the game Thems my thoughts.


For the entertainment value the chatter both on this forum and during the games is great. As far as time spent receiving advise I prefer listening to pros that actually put assets at risk than people spending many hours a day collecting worthless fake chips. Just like a bunch of a old guys drinking in a brothel telling each what great lovers they are, only in reverse, take the money away and it becomes meaningful. Comparing this to real poker for money is like comparing oranges to sheet rock.


I personally like the chat…game can get rather boring without it.Chips are worthless but meeting new people that you can chat with while playing make playing here a nice pastime. Its nice to have the option to chat or mute the table .IMO you can make it fun by chatting and having a few laughs. There are some nice and funny players here , the ones who are just annoying you can mute without muting the whole table.


[ Rolls Eyes ]



lol perfect example… see , if you just rolled them and didn’t type [ rolls eyes ] how would I know and what fun would that be .:roll_eyes:


Where did you say this brothel is at … I’ve got some stories to tell about my sheet rockin’!
Wait, did I say that out loud?

just keep being yourself ,there is still players out there who are still having fun, im one of them

I agree with goatsoup here skippywon. I have played against you on tables and you are definitely NOT a Poker player, you are a bingo player with a very bad temper when you lose. And you lose a lot! I do enjoy playing against you though as I know I can expect you to throw in a lot of chips for ridiculous “air” cards and I will (and others) patiently collect them. My suggestion to you is this: If you are looking to chatter, then stick to the very small stakes tables where the newby, “amateur” players are and you’ll get all the chatter you crave. Once you get up in the higher stake levels you get more serious players that are here to learn and play better Poker. Stick to the small tables and you’ll tend to be more satisfied with the company and you won’t lose so many chips at a time! Sorry, sometimes the truth hurts.


I play snooker, darts , rugby and lets just say for instance tiddlywinks. When an opponent makes a good shot I will say “good shot” or “well played”. And mostly the courtesy is also afforded to me. I see chat positively as a way of complimenting good play. Sometimes if I have developed a “rival” at the table I will say gotcha. I enjoy the light hearted nature of the banter and the occasional interaction about where you live etc. Bad beats and bad play are inherent in the game so I don’t understand the need to pilorise via chat these players as it doesn’t add to the enjoyment of the game rather it detracts from it. It’s a good thing and those that use chat to enhance the experience outweigh those that don’t.

Well played, sir. Spectacularly well played.

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I agree with Sharon. I am here to have fun and chat. I love poker and I love to chat!
I have been to tables where no one will even speak to me. Not even a nice hand when I get quads.

Good point about some players not being rude, just not having chat on or not paying attention to the chat box.
I chat at some tables but not at others. I avoid chatting at tables with a mod or rep because they can censor you for no reason at all so why give them an excuse.

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