Replay Team Championship

Is there a Replay Team Championship this year? I thought it was announced around now last year. I really enjoyed it last time so I was hoping that it was still happening this year.

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There is a Replay Team Championship this year! Thrilled to hear you enjoyed it in 2020. GoldenDonkey is cooking things up and we’ll have more info in the near future.


Wooohooooo! ParTEEE!

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I posted this last year as an idea for the future so hopefully GoldenDonkey will give it some consideration. It was 2 posts originally so it repeats a bit but you will get my drift



Apr '20

I realise that it is unlikely that any changes will be made to the timetable of this event and understand that, as a team event, RP will run each grouping (AB&C) at the same time. It works for a majority of players but for those of us on the other side of the world, less so. The event happens at 7am Sunday morning for New Zealand …5am in Australia.
Other main events such as “bust the staff” are at 8am and 6am Friday respectively. Many of us would love to play these big events but are excluded by time and location. We are the forlorn and forgotten, We are the antipodeans.
I love the idea of a team game and have an idea to suggest for a future truly worldwide tournament
Name…“Continental Contact” or “Foreign Friends”
Team … 4 players per team and must include 4 different countries and 3 continents.
Structure… 4 groups with 1 member of each team playing an event every 6 hours on tournament day. Rather than naming groups ABCD use the card suits diamonds hearts spades clubs so the groups would be DHSC
Rules … Standard as per team championship with the following exception. Each team may replace a member but lose 50% of the points earned by that member in the previous round.
Lets have this 'Team Championship" as a warm-up and then play a bigger better game.
I see this as a Sunday evening prime time battle
.1) Name… Continental Contact.
2) Format… Team event 4 players per team and must include 4 different countries and 3 continents. Qualifying round of 4 weeks with top 9 teams advancing to final table. Final table to be a 1 day shootout. Highest points win. Individual player with the highest points score also gets a prize
3)Start Day … Sunday July 12.
4)Start time… Diamond group 4am ET. Hearts 10am ET. Spades 4pm ET. Clubs 10pm ET.
5)Scoring… All individual scores count with the 2 worst team scores during qualifying being dropped
6)Reserve players… Teams may replace 1 player under emergency rules during qualification.
…a)Team must give 24 hour notice of change
…b)Change is permanent
…c)Incoming player must comply with group/team selection rules
…d) 50% of the points scored by that player are deducted.

Those times should suit everyone for a Sunday evening game.
The strategy involved in this structure would add another chunk of fun. All the Diamond group need to score well or they have put their team at disadvantage. Play aggressive to take advantage and risk being picked off for minimal points or play safe for mid-table.?? Hearts and Spades have to protect from a good position if Diamond did well or attack in order to put Clubs in a good position to complete the day. And it all compounds upon itself during qualifying.
Sounds like fun …

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Hey feelmysins,

Thank you for your suggestion, we always love to hear the thoughts and ideas of the community, I encourage more of this!

The Replay Team Championship in its current form consists of many moving parts, which mainly go on in the background, so it’s not always easy to see the full picture.

What you suggest would be a very fun event and something I would love to play myself. The chance to meet new people from all over the world and compete in a weekly team event sounds awesome.

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have the resources that we would need to make this happen. Most of the RTC is not automated and relies on human input to make sure everything is correct. We manually check each event each week to make sure that no-one has unregistered by accident. This becomes very difficult when covering a larger timescale.

We are sorry that the event seems US focused, however in order to have the event run, we really do need to centralise everything. We do not want people to feel left out and we are sorry if this is how the event makes you feel.

So thank you again for sharing your idea!



I know Replay has a lot on its plate at the moment but I would like to set you the challenge of putting this tournament on in 2022. It doesn’t need to be as described but use the idea as a starting point for an amazing, worldwide contest. Post it hard on social media and encourage players to like&share in order to attract new players.

Treat each group as a separate league and leave it to the players to register as they do now. I’m pretty sure team members will remind each other to turn up. The software is there for “donk of the month” or whatever it’s called so it should be so simple to apply that to each group. It runs automatically so saving tech time. The only time a human would need to crunch some numbers is at the end of the qualifying round and after the final round which is less than is necessary for the current system.
I know it isn’t really that easy, but a little challenge now and then, enriches the soul of mortal men.

To much man power and resources as Golden Donkey said to pull this kind of event off. I and many others would like to see resources put into the mobile applications of playing on Replay Poker.

It doesn’t need to gobble up resources by using existing software. GD says that the resource eater is

By opening up registration, and making it player/team responsibility, as is every other game here saves the tech time involved. (Lets just bank those hours at a rate of 1 hour a week). League points are automatically awarded for every MTT played so the scoring system is already in place. It might require a dedicated hour to tally up the scores at the end of qualifying round and another hour on finals day but we have already banked those hours.
I’m not suggesting any changes to this years event, merely throwing up an idea for a new tournament next year. That allows a year to catch up on the existing “to do” list and work out the logistics for the new event.