Replay Team Championship - Team Chat

So excited to see the list of those still in this competition! Well done, all of you. Good luck next week!

Thanks everyone, and congrats to the other finalists! Molon Labe is still in this thing.

I wish they would share some details about this crown GD mentioned. Is it gold? Platinum? How many carats of gems? What kind? Rubies, emeralds, diamonds? it’s just so damn exciting!

Artist’s conception of me wearing the crown…


it looks good on you Jethro :grin:


congrats all well done it was fun


This event was the most fun I have had in a very long time. We didn’t make it too far, but the three of us enjoyed it immensely and have nothing but respect for those making it further. The competition was STIFF… and that made for a terrific tournament. Good luck to all those still going and to anyone who made sure they got entered in this event. Hopefully there will be more of them to come.


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Or they didn’t hear who the finalist were to say anything. I don’t think I moaned about points or anything other than day change. But I will say congrats to you if it helps. And anyone else who made it, I think all teams who entered deserve Hats, shirts or cups for their endeavors on the maiden voyage of this soon to be popular contest. I have no doubt the bugs will work their way out & a smooth flow will follow. Cheers

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Please behave, of course they knew, as they were following the results the same as all of us. I was just as excited as the next person to find out who got through.
As for the moaning about the points irregularity I suggest you check the forum again just after the matches finished.
And as for the “But I will say congrats to you if it helps” please don’t bother, I don’t do sarcasm thank you.

To attack everyone sounds like sarcasm,

Also seems very similar to it, But I yield to your thoughts, I for one didn’t hear who made final game(s) So I do believe there were others. Good Luck at your game.

That is the part I was referring to as “sarcasm”

All I wanted to do was raise the issue about sportsmanship which we have in abundance here in the UK and other parts of the world. But it seems to me it lacks a bit in the US. Don’t get me wrong, I have some great friends in the US and are as enthusiastic as myself. But when someone comes on here slaughtering me for my comments for absolutely no reason other than looking for a response, then you have picked on the wrong person.

By the way, thankyou very much for wishing us good luck in the Final. Much appreciated.

PS: All I wanted to do was, Promote good spirit and sportsmanship to encourage friendliness within Replay. I have lots of team participation, so I know what it needs.


This is a good way to do that, and yes sportsmanship needs to be part of poker & all games & sports, I was hoping to show the way it sounded to all players with my last two posts, and let people know to not attack all people in a general comment, when someone might just be mad at one or a few others.
I still say that everyone who entered should receive prize for the rough spots on this 1st showcase of what replay poker can do, and will do in the future with their great tech skills. Cheers & luck to all

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Today is the big day! Can’t wait to see who our champions are. :slight_smile: :four_leaf_clover:


Good luck all in final…….can’t wait.


Good Luck Touchies and all the teams who have made the final, how proud we must all be to gain the first t-shirts given in this competition. Looking forward to a great game with all the new friends I have made here.

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To everyone who will be playing the ‘Replay Team Championship Final’



Congratulations to Ralphie’s crew for their brilliant winning performance.

From The Untouchables xx


Ralphie pulls out 4 of a kind (6s).

There is no beating that, Grape.


Well done by you, and all who made it to the finals

Thanks for the absolute great performances by you all.

Great entertainment!

Again, again, again!


Congratulations to Ralphies Crew, great performance. Well done to all the other finalists, thankyou to Jonny and the team for making this posibble. Finally……Thankyou to my two brilliant girlie team mates. Grapevine and Tiandra


it was a great tourney-
great competition-
hunter was unreal-
without him on our team-it wouldnt have happened-
our vets r the best-
hunter won the trny-
ralphie and tex took the ride-
ty hunter

ralphies secretary


Congrats Ralphies Crew!

Thanks to the crew at Replay, it was a lot of fun. Let’s do it again!

Thanks to the rest of Molon Labe. Royaldab and produceguy007 each had a great series. We finished 3rd, great job guys!

And thanks to everyone who played. Everyone was rather pleasant and upbeat, and all of the tournaments were fun. Good people, fun chat, and good poker… what more can a fella want?