Replay Team Championship Stats and Standings

After the first three weeks of the RTC, I have compiled a huge spreadsheet of stats on the teams and players. In this spreadsheet, I have included the standings that include all 9 scores instead of the best 6 scores. This does give an advantage to the players that have played all 9 games so far. To try to find a more far statistic I included a statistic that calculates average finish out of 9 games and a statistic that calculates Average Finish out of games Played (AFP). I also did this to find the average finish of each player. By doing this I was able to find which players have performed that best for the first 3 weeks. I included the best 5 players by name at the bottom and the rest of the players are organized by team name and letter.
So far the best team based on all points is CanAm with 595. They are 38 points ahead of second and are 145 points ahead of 25th, based on average finished for playing games they are in second slightly behind PeanutButter. PeanutButter has missed 2 games so far, but have made up for it in the quality of game played with an average finish of 16.7. So far the best player is tied between Ohiobuckeye and BigRick1952 with an average finish of 9.3.
This spreadsheet is about 500 by 26 cells so go ahead and give it a view. If there are more stats that you think I should include let me know and who do you think is the best team based on these stats.


I too, keep my own spreadsheet.

ohiobuckeye is red hot,

winning outright the last 2 weeks.

I warned my team B player yesterday morning this player is no joke.


What a lot of work you’ve done on this. Amazing.

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Amazing stuff!

There was an error in the calculations that I made this week. I accidentally deleted two lines of data from my spreadsheet calculations and it meant that some results were entered incorrectly.

Thankfully, this has not been a major issue, as the scores that are affected were at the bottom end of the rankings, meaning that some people scored 0 when they should have scored somewhere in the teens.

I have recalculated the week 3 leaderboard to reflect the changes.

The teams that were affected were:

  • Biscuits & Gravy - C player scores 15
  • Lady and the Tramps - C player scores 18
  • Dumbledore’s Army - C player scores 14
  • The Diehards - B player scores 15
  • The Pod Squad - C player scores 17
  • Blessed Aces - C player scores 16

In regards to the overall qualifying leaderboard, there is no change in the standings as all the scores that were missing fell into each team’s three lowest, therefore they have no effect.

My apologies for the inaccurate weekly standings, everything is as it should be now.