Replay Team Championship - Need to Know Info

We have a LOT of information about our upcoming promotion, the Replay Team Championship. I’ve consolidated the highlights here so you have a quick “cheat sheet” with all the need-to-know details. Be sure to visit our promotional pages for complete information.

WHAT: The Replay Team Championship is a way for you to play “with” your friends! You’ll each play in separate but concurrent Hold’em tournaments at 3pm ET on Saturdays. Earn points to qualify for the next round and win big prizes, including free chips and commemorative t-shirts.

WHO: You’ll need two teammates to form your three-person team! Find two of your friends, refer some friendly poker players to the site, or use this thread to find other Replay Poker players to join you for the fun.

WHEN: Tournaments run every Saturday at 3pm ET, kicking off on June 22nd. You’ll be manually registered to the correct tournament (A, B, or C).

HOW: Find your friends, come up with a team name, and e-mail to register! Determine a captain and ensure that each team member writes in to confirm membership.

Got questions? Visit our promotion page here for comprehensive information, and let us know if we can help clarify anything in our “Ask Us Anything” thread here.

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We now have a handy video you can watch! This details all the important information of the Replay Team Championship. Take a look –

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