Replay Team Championship - ASK US ANYTHING

In round 4 I believe the top 6 teams will make it extremely difficult for all the other teams , because they have nothing to lose . On the other hand the bottom 20 teams will probably do the same thing because they can capitalize on the point system . The teams in 16th to 20th will have to be very careful .lf we make the playoffs our approach will totally change .

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I think u should have said the top 7 teams b/c I know for a fact that The Lady and the Tramps are in this to win it PERIOD lol

Sorry my mistake , it should read : I believe the top 5 teams will …….

Is it possible to have a teammate sub for you if you cannot play?

Looks like nobody got a answer for that one , personally I don’t think so . My worry is that for some reason a team mate is unable to play an all points is needed .

I think the answer is no too. Replay staff live in the UK, so they are sleeping now. Be patient, they will provide an official answer.

I found this info on the RTC - How It Work
Additionnal Notes:
- If a player misses a tournament, the player will score 0 for the team on that week
- No substitute or joker allowed. Teams are locked in for the duration of the event.

Hope this answers your question.

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In the RTC we are TEAM MEMBERS each player scores on a individual base , afterwards points are added up to give a team total.In games like baseball ,cricket etc. you have TEAM MATES where you perform as a group and score on the same score sheet. The score system is based on the latter format . Still a great competition GL

Sure hope this comes around again! I loved the tone at the tables, and I loved making new friends and solidifying former relationships. Dude and the Dudettes did our darndest and will do that again when opportunity arises.
Thanks for the fun.


Agreed, it’s my favorite tournament ever even tho we didn’t quite make the cut either.
Hopefully plans for the next one are already in the mix!


I hope so too and I really hope the dates and times for the next one are announced wayyyyyy earlier so can plan schedule in outside life to corespond and not have to skip it like I did this time, Was no way I could have played on the first day of it. Looks like a very fun tourney.


Totally agree with Jan and Randy, this has been such fun and some great sportsmanship and humour at the tables. A special thanks to Golden Donkey for organising this and to my Untouchable team mates for their support. Roll on the quarter finals!


The tournament made me smile a little, now my face is sore.

Overall, it’s been somewhat more fun than going to the dentist, thanks!

My team, Molon Labe, is on through to the quarters. We only finished 2nd, due, no doubt, to some flaw in the RNG. The quarter finals should be painfully brutal, so I am looking forward to them with a level of excitement that’s making me consider finding a good psychiatric center.

There won’t be much to see in the quarter finals, so maybe you should all show up late. After the first break should be about right. I’ll see you then, ciao.



Just too make it through to the next is great , and I know that it is going to be no kindergarden party . Can just imagine the pressure and excitement at the tables .The built-up and anticipation for the next round will be awesome, 'm already thinking who will be at the starting table with myself . When another tourney like this is hosted i’m sure the entries will more than double .a Lot of players have regrets for not entering .

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Is it possible to get the points awarded in the next round from 1 to 24 . Thank you .

Do we need to register for the next round ourselves? When will tickets be distributed or when will we be registered.

I’m guessing that’s all the way through.

All players have been registered for the Quarter-Final.

Best of luck to those still involved, who will take home the crown?


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The winners get a crown? Sweet, I thought it was just a t-shirt or something!

Just so you know, I wear a size 7 3/4 crown. I have no idea what that would be in metric.