Replay Team Championship - ASK US ANYTHING

We just announced one of our biggest promotions to date: The Replay Poker Team Championship!

This is the first time you’ll be able to play WITH other competitors here on the site. All the details can be found on our promotions pages, but we’re here to answer any questions you might have along the way. Post any inquiries you may have about this event and GoldenDonkey, our Global Promotions Manager, will assist.

Make sure you read all the information here before submitting your teams for entry!

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I’ll start…I asked in another thread but you can disregard it since this is now the active thread on the promo…will any/all be able to spectate the games?

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Hey Randy,

The tables will be observable, just like our other events. =)


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Great, just wanted to make sure.


Why are all the games so early in the day? I can’t participate at 3pm ET due to work.

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“All you need to do to participate is grab two team mates and get ready to compete each Tuesday at 3pm ET, starting Tuesday, June, 18th.”

^^^ You forgot to mention quit your day job so that you can play. I’m with @puggywug, with most players being in the USA and Canada, why are the times so early? I understand it gives players in EU a better opportunity to play, and you want to be fair, but more players are in the USA and Canada. Couldn’t there be a better time designated for this?

Also, out of curiosity, is someone able to divulge who came up with the idea for this promotion? It is a really interesting idea; I like the concept a lot.

Yeah, they’ll start at noon my time, can’t take that much time off work. I suppose it’s too late to change the schedule, but why aren’t the tourneys on the weekend, when more players can participate?


It’s the same thing with Bust the Staff. I never complained about it starting at 4PM ET, because I know most (all?) of the staff are in the UK and you’re probably all staying late at work to play with us, but I wish just once you’d do a weekend Bust the Staff so I could participate.

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There are (4) Regionals, why not (4) Regional Teams winners, or top (4) … giving you a perfect 16 bracket for playoffs ?? And also why not run like a pool league… Team captain puts up a member in each bracket, so just cause you’re C player, sometimes you’re put against the A ppl … ( just have them msg/email replay 24 hrs in advance )

I agree with @lad44 , @puggywug … 3pm est ??? ( give up day job )
I see more players online between 8-10pm est than I do 2-4pm est.
Is this basically mainly for European players ?


Hey puggywug,

Thanks for your comments, we are looking for more feedback on this topic. What do other people think about the start time?

What would be a more preferable start time for people?



For me, evenings are best. 7pm or 9pm, ET, anywhere in between. I’m sure different regions will be best accommodated by something suited to their own time zone.

I can play pretty much any time but I would think that 3pm ET would be fine with most if on the weekend.

9pm EST would be 6pm PST, and would make tournaments run during the week more accessible to well over 1/2 of your customer base.

I like the idea of regional qualifiers with the finals on the weekend. Each regional could be run during that region’s “prime time,” and the finals on Saturday at 3pm EST would probably work for most people.


Thanks for noticing our concerns GD. As Grandy said, if they are on the weekend, any time should be fine (well, assuming it isn’t at 3am PST or something) but if you feel they must be during the week, 8pm - 10pm EST.

The only problem with regional qualifiers is tournament points - those in the US/CAN region will have far more players, and thus, the opportunity to win more tournament points. So all teams must play at the same time.

I’m hopeful a time/day change can happen because I was really looking forward to participating. (crosses fingers)

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You have to know that some teams will be using cell phones or whatever to communicate during the game. I hope you will be monitoring for this, but what is your official policy concerning this kind of underhanded skulduggery?

I will not be doing this no matter what, but you should state your policy.

How would phones work to help when players will be in different games?


I though the whole team would be playing in each game?

“You and your team mates will compete each week…” If they have 1 tournament a week and you and your team mates will be competing, they all must play the same tournament. Or no?

each is A, B, C, tourneys
3 games same time.

Huh. I read some of the stuff (sort of) and didn’t see that.


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A more preferable start time would be on the weekend.