Replay Team Championship 2022 - ASK US ANYTHING

The Replay Team Championship is back! The competition kicks off on Saturday, June 4th at 3pm ET.

As with our prior RTCs, you’ll form teams of three to compete in separate A/B/C tournaments to climb the leaderboard and earn points as a group. We’re continuing to drop the three lowest individual scores from your team’s total score. That means you won’t suffer if one of your teammates isn’t available one week!

Have any questions about how the event works? This is the place to ask! Our Global Promotions Manager, GoldenDonkey, will be here to clarify the details.

Please be sure to read over the promotion page before submitting your teams for entry.


Is there 1 sub allowed this year like last year ?

Hope this answers your question.

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Substitutes have never been allowed in the RTC snitty, this is an extract from the format:
"- If a player misses a tournament, the player will score 0 for the team on that week

  • No substitute or joker allowed. Teams are locked in for the duration of the event.
  • Your team’s three lowest individual scores will be removed from your team’s final total."
    Hope this helps, and good luck
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i understand that - but i believe last yr we were allowed 1 sub to play in case other team mate a game - in essence - to fill in.

Hello, my team has registered but we have not received any response from you…is this usual? We’d love to have confirmation that our application had been received

@GoldenDonkey is on holiday this week, but will be back next week catching up on any registrations that have come in. Sorry for the delay on that, but if everyone on your team has written in, he’ll confirm that for you when he returns.

For all teams, please don’t hesitate to get your registrations in if you haven’t already. They’ll be confirmed once he’s back next week. :slight_smile:


I got a replay that they will register 24 of May when the person who do that is back! So send in your registrations and you will get a email!

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Hello and happy Friday :smiley: I have a few questions and thank you for your time.
If our participant misses 3 games, will these be the worst results that will be deleted? Or is it one bad result per player?
And at what stage are the worst results removed?
Do all 3 players play on Saturday at the 3pmET, but in different tournaments or the same one?
Are we registering ourselves on game day or are you registering us?
Where are the games posted, if we have to register?

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is anyone else getting error messages when trying to set up a team through the email registration. its like my email isnt going through?


Tazzie, I tried the link provided twice and received an error message so I copied and pasted it in my personal email and the next day I received a response saying Jonny would be back on the 24th to start the completed registration emails

For me it was no problome and i got a email back that my team is registred!

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You can read the rules in promtions,think its pretty clear!
The worst resulkts is removed after the 4 weeks! All players plays at sametime in A,B and C group!
You dont need to register for the game it will pop up when its time!

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my team is confirmed as well - read the rules - pretty clear - each member plays their own tourney - A’s play A’s from other teams and so forth. The 1 advice i can give - try and play every tourney - very hard to advance if you are only getting pts from 2 players as compared to 3. Gl to all - great tourney.


hi I need to register for have the team name and know2 im in B slot. how do I do this… any help would be great.

You’ll need to use your personal email account using e.g., gmail, hotmail etc. according to the Registration instructions on the Promotion page.

    • Each team member is also required to email in confirming that they wish to play on your team. They must confirm the team name, who is the captain of the team and which letter they have been assigned.
    • We will confirm receipt with an email and we will manually register everyone to each event, each week.
    • The cutoff for team registration is 00:00 ET on Friday, June 3rd, 2022. No registrations will be accepted after this deadline.

Hope this helps,

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yes it helps. but were do the players send e-mail if not captain?

To the same: with the same info. The captain’s email should indicate that person is the captain as everyone

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thank you

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