Replay Team Championship 2021 - Team Chat

Teams are already forming up, and we can’t wait to see what you can do!

In this thread, feel free to share a bit about your team, any images you’ve made, or just have some friendly banter with the competition. :slight_smile: :trophy:

We’ll be featuring the RTC teams, including your creative graphics, on our blog!


Be warned Shady Sharks are playing: -BlackWidow-, crosby63, Galak

© -BlackWidow-


Crazy Canucks are back for more. Beware, and call if you dare.


To ALL Replay Members … Do Not Miss Out On The Very Best Promo That Reply Has To Offer … This Promo Will Create A Life Long Experience That U and Ur Partners Will Enjoy Bar None … To All “What to Be” Champions … The Lady And The Tramps Will Show Up !!!
lady and tramps


Back for our third season, we are…
Can’t wait :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


Are you player A?


Back this year for more great fun, The Con Artists!

  • Sharon Smarty (A)
  • JanCee (B), and
  • Recon0419 (C)

Bring it!


TEAM CHAMPS heavily favours Nth Hemisphere players , global time disparity wouldnt suit Sth Hemisphere contestants …3 pm ET = 7 am here …the Replay Police could perhaps amend their start time to 6pm ET to be more time acceptable for a truer Global event ? Think about it RP

RESTLESS HEARTS Are in the house and will be ready to play.

Morcosborcos - A
FunLovenit2 - B
TroubleUnit - C

We are Restless but have the Hearts in our games. Watch out
we can become Heartless when we want your chips!


Sry but Tigs says I can’t tell our line up … Personally I believe with our Powerhouse we can just shuffle up and deal and scare most other teams to sit out or fold … b/c if u have ever played against my 2 partners @Tiggyxxx or @ClintEastwood u will soon realize that it’s gonna be a long day … For myself I’m just an Old Rookie 3 Legged Donk just along for the ride :slight_smile:

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Yoooo… I just want to play in your group because every time I got ahead of you in a tournament, it feels sooooo satisfying!!! Aha

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