Replay Team Championship 2021 - ASK US ANYTHING

Our fan favorite Replay Team Championship is back! The competition kicks off on Saturday, June 5th at 3pm ET.

Like previous years, you’ll form teams of three to compete in separate A/B/C tournaments to climb the leaderboard and earn points as a group. And again, we’re dropping the three lowest individual scores from your team’s total score. That means you won’t suffer if one of your teammates isn’t available one week!

This year, results will be in real time, so you won’t need to wait for the tabulations to see how your team performed!

Have any questions about how the event works? This is the place to ask! Our Global Promotions Manager, GoldenDonkey, will be here to clarify the details.

Please be sure to read over the promotion page before submitting your teams for entry.


Where\s the global fairness given time variance from ET ? ~~ ET time now is 3:18 pm , it’s only 7:15 am NZST …sure not jumping out of a warm bed to contest a NL event v card liars !!

Need help. I’m a novice, I don’t even know how to play, just push the cards, I’m still learning. But in relation to the championship I have some doubts: What time will the match be? What time zone? How long does the game take? If there is a connection or power outage? I read the word “buy” in the article, do you have to pay in cash? How do I ask for help in regular tournaments, an observer?

If you tap on the link in blue in the comment made by fizzymint you will find all the information about the event. It’s free to enter and Starting 3PM ET, Saturday, June 5th and lasting for seven weeks.
You should probably try some of the freeroll tournaments until you get the hang of them and there is a load of good poker tips here. . Most of the veteran players here will answer a question at the tables, or maybe you could ask if they will accept a friendship request so you can discuss some of the hands played.


Thank you

I have a couple of questions.

  1. To register the team lead “A” is to send an email to

Can we just enter this email address in the SEND TO box using the Replay email system?


Do we need to use our own email system?

  1. In the Replay Team Championship 2021 - Team Chat thread

How does one upload those graphics?

Keep in mind, I’m ( or we ) may be technically challenged in this area.


Hey Cherie156,

When planning a flagship event, it’s really tough to find a good balance for all. The event has ran for the past two years at the same time as we have it this year.

In today’s modern globalised society, there will always be a bad time for an event to occur and we are sorry that it happens to be in your region for this event.


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Hey Smooth99,

Thank you for your questions.

  1. You need to send a mail from your email client to that address.
  2. To add an awesome image to your post, when you are creating it, there are a list of icons at the top. The 7th icon from the left, (a box with an arrow going up) will allow you to add an image to your post. So as long as the desired image is saved on your computer, you can upload anything you want.

I hope this helps,


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Thank you

I was hoping there was a way to use the Replay email system because I noticed when entering the email address it indicated it was invalid. I thought I needed to do something special.

Is there any way that the list of teams that are registered can be seen by the teams to make sure that they are one and done with the registration process. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I was told a new Team List would be out Sunday?

I still do not see my team listed.

MTT Lobby - RTC 2021 Team Championship C - RTC Qualifying Ticket C - NL Holdem for Player C

how often are the teams updated?

Will Replay be manually registering players to each tournament, or will players have to register for each one by themselves?

Replay will take care of the registrations, the players just have to turn up at their allotted table, A,B or C.


What about a Team List Update

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If you go to the lobby, you can view the entrants for each tournament A/B/C scheduled for June 5. It appears each team member is listed as the same number in each of the tournaments.

You just wouldn’t be able to see their team name.