Replay Team Championship 2020 - WINNERS!

We have a big congratulations to share …


Sorry, we have a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to share! :mega:

Here’s to Grumpy Old Men, the Replay Team Champions of 2020! :partying_face:

@Magnoliasteve, @dski, and @Gator69 outlasted twice the amount of teams we had in 2019. That’s no easy feat!

Team captain Magnoliasteve talked out his experience with his teammates and they had this to share:

"This tournament showcased the best overall top-to-bottom quality of play replaypoker offers. From a personal standpoint, Team Championship 2020 felt like the closest online thing to “face-to-face, real money” play. There were aggressive players but fewer people chased cards to the river and there was little bingo play until some became short-stacked. From the very beginning of the tournament, my teammates and I were excited and looked forward to playing each week. I couldn’t wait the 48 hours for the results so I’d manually add up all the scores to figure where we placed for the week, hoping we’d qualify.

We did.

We had a solid team effort. Gator69 and I stepped up to keep us in the tournament in the earliest rounds. Still, in week two we finished 35th of 83 teams. We did not get discouraged, and in the following week, we moved up to fourth behind Gator69’s win.

In the later rounds Dski and Gator69 kept us high in the rankings. Down the stretch our go-to guy, Dski, ended up pulling the hat trick, winning the B-division in the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals. In the semi-finals, Dski won but the B-Division but the team barely made the finals, finishing 6th of 6 qualifiers, but we continued to feel confident about our chances.

In the finals, Dski finished 1st, Gator69 2nd and me 3rd, which was just good enough to eke out the championship. On Monday night we met at our home bar, the place where we played ‘live’ against each other two days a week, pre-pandemic. We celebrated outside on a picnic table, properly distancing, of course. Gator69 reflected on his royal flush, and I told the story of how I took out my arch-nemesis, a player who had my number in a few of the earlier rounds. Dski particularly enjoyed taking out the best player on a team that had consistently been one of the highest-ranking teams each week.

All-in-all, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for the chips. We anxiously await our hoodies."

Please join me in congratulating these not-actually-so-grumpy men for winning 2020’s title!

Let’s also give a big hand to the other teams who made the final table: NEVERGIVEUP 2020, Happy Bears, Just Retired, The Crazy Canucks, and HawaiianEyes.

A final special shout-out to @SunPowerGuru who has set up a feedback thread for the latest iteration of the Championship. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts there. Many of your suggestions from 2019 were implemented this year.

Thanks to everyone who made this such a special event for the second year in a row. All of us on staff have such a wonderful time getting to know all of the teams and seeing the clever graphics many of you create. We can’t wait to see your efforts in 2021!


It was such great fun! I look forward to next year’s competition. Wiser minds than mine will give you ideas for improving the event, but I thought it was super, stem to stern.


well done guys



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Congrats … well done !

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Congratulations - great job!

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Well done, great competition played in true sporting spirit. :trophy::1st_place_medal::2nd_place_medal::3rd_place_medal:

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