Replay Team Championship 2020 - FIND A TEAM

If you’re looking for other players to form your dream team and win big prizes, this is the place to do it! Feel free to post in this thread if you’re looking for a team and to get organized.

TIP: If another player has already posted looking for a team, try replying to them to join your team!

If you have questions about this event, please use this thread and we’ll get you an answer ASAP.

Learn more about this epic event right here.


like to try this, so I’ll be looking for couple of players


im game just write me on

come on lets do this


Welcome to the forums, bnn!

Looking for a couple of players or an invite to a team :slight_smile:

sure, just need one more

I just need one player. welcome to join me and bnn2335

I am ok if you look for a 3rd player

wildpokerdude bnn2335 elibo be a team.

be glad to be on your team

I am interested in joining a team. Is there any available teams looking for a player?


I am interested in joining your team.

Let us make a team who is interested

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Lady and the Tramps Rule !!! :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: :crazy_face: @Tiggy @ClintEastwood @Goatsoup


I am in need of a team or full frontal lobotomy.

emailed you would like to be on your team

I am very interested in joining your team.

Do you still need a player to join your team