Replay Team Championship 2020 - ASK US ANYTHING

Hey Moeron,

I will PM you to make sure everything is fine, but we have sent the confirmation email for your team today, so I am not 100% on where the incorrect info is posted.




Hey VivaLVegas,

Your team’s registration was fully completed on 20th April and a confirmation email was sent to all three players on the same day.

I will PM to check the email address used, but is it possible it’s been caught up in a spam filter?



Hey Viva. Here’s the E-Mail I received from Replay to confirm our team registration. Everything should be OK. Not sure how they will let us know when it’s our turn to play but I’m sure they’ll message us ahead of time.

Take care



I am pleased to inform you that your team, ’
CanAM’ has been successfully registered for The Replay Team Championship 2020.

Player A: ’

Player B: ’

Player C: ’

Thank you for registering and we wish you the best of luck.

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Hey Redrider53,

Thank you for your post.

We will register all players to each event, each week. All you have to do is be ready to play on the day of the event and please don’t unregister from the event!

Take care,


Hey GD, I might have been guilty of looking at last years list. I ask forgiveness, and that is all. Thank you for getting our team registration into the mix. Have a great day.

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Is their a list of teams that reg. or is it early days yet ?

Hey Cas,

I will put up a page next week with all the registered teams, so you can scope out the competition and see who is in your pool.


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thank you GD ,that is a nice build up to the event.

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How do I start my own team?

Structural question… plz,
I understand lowest 3 scores won’t count… ok ( qualify’n ),
but how/when is that applied so we can know where stand ??

so week 1, every team gets 3 scores even if 1 might be a 0… lowest 3 don’t count… so basicallly everyone is still Tied… :laughing:
week 2, every team gets 3 more scores, 6 total… now lowest 3 don’t count… so finally each team has 3 scores.
week 3, rinse repeat, but 6+3=9… 9-L3= top 6 count…
Week 4 rinse repeat now 9+3=12… 12-L3= top 9 count

Now Golden this allows teams to know where they stand, and whom they are chasing to make it into KO rounds, and whom is chasing them…

Will it be like that ??? or are you just going to wait till after week 4, and drop 3 scores… because that makes knowing where you stand akin to being blindfolded… and you have no clue week to week how you stand really since ind. scores aren’t posted.

Controlling your own destiny getting thru qualify’n, means week 4 you need to already know where basically you stand and how good you need to do to move on.


When sending verification to from my yahoo mailbox. I was told to fix the address

What’s up?

How do I start my team in the correct location, can you do it? I am chrisbg, and I am looking for two players to join the Low Stakes-Low Stacks Club

¿Cómo inscribo a mi equipo?

Translation : How do I register my team?

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your question.

I believe it makes most sense to show the first two weeks as normal, then the third week will show the scores with the lowest three removed, so people are aware of what can happen for the fourth week.

We will show in week three; the team’s current total, and the total of the lowest three scores that have been dropped. This should provide enough information without looking messy.

Take care and stay safe,


Hey Waidus,

I got your email and have sent out confirmation (about 15 mins ago) to all three members of your team. So everything works as intended I believe.


Ola Adrian,

Lamento escuchar que tenías problemas.

Puedo confirmar que recibí su correo electrónico y que he registrado completamente a su equipo.

Debería haber un correo electrónico de confirmación en su bandeja de entrada.

Si tiene algún problema, ¡hágamelo saber!

Is the game type NL Texas Hold’em? Couldn’t find it in the format part of the rules, but maybe I missed it

It makes alotta sense to show all 4 weeks,
just no deletions on week 1…

So you mean we get 1 shot , week 4,
knowing where we sit after week 3’s results ?
Where’s the suspense, where’s the anticipation ???
Where’s the battle’n to make playoffs ???

Please show all 4 weeks, and results of week 2,3,4
should include the 3 deleted scores…