Replay Team Championship 2020 - ASK US ANYTHING

Our popular Replay Team Championship is back! The competition kicks off the week of May 11th, with the first tournament running on Saturday, May 16th at 3pm ET.

Like last year, you’ll form teams of three to compete in separate A/B/C tournaments to climb the leaderboard and earn points as a group. This year, we’re dropping the three lowest individual scores from your team’s total score. That means you won’t suffer if one of your teammates forgets to join in some week!

Have any questions about how the event works? This is the place to ask! Our Global Promotions Manager, GoldenDonkey, will be here to clarify the details.

Please be sure to read over the promotion page before submitting your teams for entry.


ok Golden I have a few questions …
( Kudos 10000% for going to a 1 pt per finishing place format )

I see there is a hedge against a 1 week miss or 1 bad finish, but do I understand this correctly that if my teamates use up all 3 low scores, I basically don’t get my 1 do-over so to speak ??? but this can’t work in the Knockout rounds, only qualifing rounds where accumulated points are occurring, right ???

What then happens in a KO round, if 1 member miss’s… just like Chase’s team in the semi-finals, they were SOL really on advancing to the finals … missing 1 member…

Any chance of add’n a 4th member to teams, then just dropp’n the lowest score each week, including KO rounds ??? only scoring 3 each week ?? Or in the qualify’n rounds , dropp’n the lowest score from each member… so each person on the team basically gets 1 do-over … ( we still got a month till it starts )

I personally am still not able to play the Betas, therefore no Spring SnGs for me for 6 weeks, can we get a guarentee that because there are still ppl that can’t use the betas, that the RTC will run on Flash tables ???
I can test the betas but not actively play on them, its pretty sad Golden, cause lately I’m still on 10 hrs a day or I try to be, but I get 1-2 hrs of playtime if that …

Hey Sarah,

It’s not really your do-over per se, more that the team as a whole has a score modifier. This will allow people to miss a week and still participate. It’s not a personal score reduction.

In this unfortunate circumstance, the missing player would score zero and that would have a serious impact on the team’s chances of progressing. However the dates have been posted well in advance of the knockout stages.

Sorry, this was looked into, but simply is not doable at this moment in time. We did listen to the feedback in the survey last year and would love to be able to have such functionality, but sadly it’s not possible.

I am sorry to hear that you are having troubles with the new tables. The tournament is very likely to be played on the new tables, I am afraid I can’t guarantee anything at this stage. I am sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear.


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Cant wait :slight_smile: Nice one Replay

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Any way the time could be changed to earlier in the day? Unless the lockdown continues, I’ll be unable to play since I’d be starting work at the same time the tournaments begin.

Please keep the old tables for the RTC would not be the same without @Sassy_Sarah



Hey bahia7,

Thanks for your question.

We are sorry to say that we will be unable to change the start time for this event. We based this on player feedback from last years event.

I am sorry if this does not line up well for you.


If any player is experiencing problems with thier email client,
will a personal Message to GoldenDonkey be sufficient ??

Hi Sarah,

If this is for registration then that should be no issue.




If I sent an email will I get confirmation that our team has been registered ?

Hey Sharon,

If I am awake and at my desk, then you will get a reply =)


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I realise that it is unlikely that any changes will be made to the timetable of this event and understand that, as a team event, RP will run each grouping (AB&C) at the same time. It works for a majority of players but for those of us on the other side of the world, less so. The event happens at 7am Sunday morning for New Zealand …5am in Australia.
Other main events such as “bust the staff” are at 8am and 6am Friday respectively. Many of us would love to play these big events but are excluded by time and location. We are the forlorn and forgotten, We are the antipodeans.
I love the idea of a team game and have an idea to suggest for a future truly worldwide tournament
Name…“Continental Contact” or “Foreign Friends”
Team … 4 players per team and must include 4 different countries and 3 continents.
Structure… 4 groups with 1 member of each team playing an event every 6 hours on tournament day. Rather than naming groups ABCD use the card suits diamonds hearts spades clubs so the groups would be DHSC
Rules … Standard as per team championship with the following exception. Each team may replace a member but lose 50% of the points earned by that member in the previous round.
Lets have this 'Team Championship" as a warm-up and then play a bigger better game.


I see the games start on a Saturday midafternoon EDT. Will there be other times that are available in the evening or is it 1 event at that time?

When can we expect an email confirmation of team registration from the Replay staff?

I believe our team has registered.


@feelmysins ,
Even tho I may have heard this last year…
I agree with you, and believe it adds strategy. 4 regionals, so 4 times a day for a bracket to play, and 4 players per team. You need to work with other players globally, so all 4 times get covered. You’d recruit players 1st by region, then by player to a team… You might advert for a “Asian bracket player” or “Oceanic” or whatever your team needs.

I luv this idea, because it adds complexity and strategy to building a Team.
Finding 1 time a day has always been hard, this solves that 100%. I do understand though, the difference not all playing @ same time. I think the new points system really solves that , because each bracket has to “take care of buisness” in thier own bracket… they cannot rely that another bracket saves them anymore, so playing 6 hrs apart really is almost more strategic as the day progresses and the suspence builds, but yes I also see the advantages of all playing @ same time… its just harder that way to have a time that works for everyone.

If all 3 or 4 in this case, get to play in the evening primetime for them,
I just can’t see how thats a bad thing.

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Hey VivaLVegas,

I am based in the UK so some registrations arrive when I am sleeping. I am processing your team’s application now.

Take care and have a good day,


I see this as a Sunday evening prime time battle
.1) Name… Continental Contact.
2) Format… Team event 4 players per team and must include 4 different countries and 3 continents. Qualifying round of 4 weeks with top 9 teams advancing to final table. Final table to be a 1 day shootout. Highest points win. Individual player with the highest points score also gets a prize
3)Start Day … Sunday July 12.
4)Start time… Diamond group 4am ET. Hearts 10am ET. Spades 4pm ET. Clubs 10pm ET.
5)Scoring… All individual scores count with the 2 worst team scores during qualifying being dropped
6)Reserve players… Teams may replace 1 player under emergency rules during qualification.
…a)Team must give 24 hour notice of change
…b)Change is permanent
…c)Incoming player must comply with group/team selection rules
…d) 50% of the points scored by that player are deducted.

Those times should suit everyone for a Sunday evening game.
The strategy involved in this structure would add another chunk of fun. All the Diamond group need to score well or they have put their team at disadvantage. Play aggressive to take advantage and risk being picked off for minimal points or play safe for mid-table.?? Hearts and Spades have to protect from a good position if Diamond did well or attack in order to put Clubs in a good position to complete the day. And it all compounds upon itself during qualifying.
Sounds like fun …


Thanks for your reply. Will we receive an email confirmation, or is one or two emails from our team still pending receipt on your end?

Thank you,


Can I ask when we will get a definite answer on this issue?

I’ve told my team I might not be able to play with them again this year.

To me it makes a night & day difference as I can not play with the new format,
and I refuse to use a “dedicated browser” to play here.

That is like saying because we built a new, high tech highway, you MUST scrap your Ford, and drive only Honda’s on the new roads.

Why not just come out a state:
"This Is How It Is Going To Be Played"