Replay should have Bad Beat Jackpots

All of the poker rooms i have played in have them,why not here?

My first thought - Why?

To give me back all the money I deserved to win, obviously.

They wouldn’t get very big.

Which is 0, right?

Bad beat jackpots ehhh im down for jackpot hands that would be a nice thing to add bad beat i feel is one of thoose grey areas or hand to hand basis

Why would you want this? Because there aren’t enough people playing horribly for you? All bad beat jackpots accomplish is higher rake for the house through worse play at the tables. If you think no one will fold a pair or a suited connector now, try playing when they are promised a pot of chips if they just happen to stumble into that 1 in a million situation. You will have 44 staying in on a QKA monotone flop just in the hopes of going runner runner vs a flopped Royal Flush. Just ugh.

These things are gimmicks meant to make the house more money by taking advantage of people who can’t play the game and have no idea about the odds. If someone wants a little more gamble in their day and doesn’t mind setting money on fire, they can buy scratch-off lottery tickets.


“These things are gimmicks meant to make the house more money by taking advantage of people who can’t play the game and have no idea about the odds.” Sounds like a great way for RP to mitigate chip inflation (in addition to those already in place). Create a playground (cash/ring games since Badbeat Jackpots don’t pay in any live cash tourney I’ve ever played in) for players who are willing to bet their chips (in large amounts) for a chance to win 100x the bet, while everyone else loses their’s.

It likely would help separate the “real” players from the “bingo” players and might even prompt people to buy more chips than they would have otherwise (as in buying scratch-off tickets and keeping your fingers crossed) hoping to build their stack (as if you can spend it), and by extension increase their rankings (as if a higher ranking actually makes you a “better” player).


Bad Beatdown is only good for Hand specific purposes. Full house hands and up. Have you ever been put out of a tournament because you went “all-in” with Q’s full of K’s, to get beat down by K’s full of Q’s? That is what the beatdown pot is for. Not for the “I stayed in with crap cards and got beat” guy. Also, you can’t really apply it to all games either. It definitely won’t work in the “Royal” series. I like it if it is brought in to play under the proper circumstances.

@zmansuncle and @Spanman1 get the blue ribbons in this thread. BBJP’s are the ABSOLUTE worst. All they manage to do is like they said increase the casinos profitability while filling the tables up with a bunch of super nits who want a damn cheese burger every time they’re in the blinds and REMOVING mountains of cash from the game and the room. They are horrible for the poker economy, and pointless on a play for free site. Come on.

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Losing should be rewarded? Maybe we should all get participation trophies and just do away with chips.

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trust me you don’t want bad beat jackpot. It is basically a scam. For example most real money poker site will only offer bad beat if you lose with quads. This is so uncommon you might as well go buy lottery! ticket!

I don’t know about a bad beat jackpot, but a bad beat thread might help some people blow off steam lol. I went all in with QQ pre flop the other day and got called by a donkey with 6 10 off. He made a straight on the river and took all of my chips. I might try to find the hand later. Who has a better one?

One of the primary reasons I play poker here (in my abundance of free time), particularly with donkeys (in free-rolls and multiple rebuy tourneys) who will regularly suck-out is because I have finally learned how to almost never get upset at the play of others, no matter how good, or bad (to include myself). This is only possible because this is a play for free site.

Now if I can get the same mindset after a bad beat at a cash/tourney my time here will have been well spent (pun intended).

forget that its a rebuy tournament. I go all in prflop with KK and get called by 5Qh