Replay should have at least....

one big tournament…buy in 100k to 1mil…with levels that are 15 or 20 minutes…

That would show who knows how to play tournament poker…and reduce the luck factor significantly…


I have to agree. I’d love to see a tournament with some longer levels that align a little more closely to live tournament play. 12 minutes might be long enough since I feel like on-line poker just moves so much faster than live poker, but in general, I love your idea.

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Very good idea. I’d also like to see 15 minute or so levels. buy-in 100k+

Problem is, how do you schedule it at a time good for everyone interested?


Is replay mgmt gonna weigh in on this???

You know, a revolving tournament would be an idea. Today it’s at noon. Tomorrow 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, etc. I know that the days of the week can also be an issue, but going for a time of day might work.

Or, You could go by day of the week. I don’t know. Just thinking while I type.

Well… not much interest…

does this mean if holz or bonomo are playing tournament where buy in is 1 dollar that they can not prove their quality ???
and what kind of relationship does luck have with amount of buy-in?

Heya, was out of town for a bit but checked in on this one. After a quick discussion, we determined that this likely isn’t something that we’ll add to the roster, as a tournament with this set-up would last three hours or more.

If there was interest )which does not appear to be the case)…why would you care how long it lasts?..just curious…

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You know, unless you are actually paying the dealers?

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as long as it’s on a time i would be able to play, i would certainly be interested.


valid point. it’s our time…, not replays, don’t understand.

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i can understand they won’t add it since there are just very few people responding to this topic, so i assume replay assumes tehre isn’t much interest in those kind of tourneys.
because of this, i made my respone that i would be interested. but i think more people are needed to actually adding such a tournament

Seems most reasonable to Have Several Tournaments with Modern Professional standards. I hope County's idea happens even as a Test Tournament. If You build it they will ….

I know I would have interest to test this format.

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If you mean “one big tournament” that replaces all others; I think it is a horrible idea. There are already many high level, high stakes tourneys that fish can’t afford. I think it would drastically reduce the number of players; as well as the fun factor, in one swoop.

Personally I would like that option. I can’t speak for the OP, but this appeals to me because if the longer blind levels. That’s the real change. The 6-8 minute levels are just so Turbo that it quickly forces people into bad action, raising the luck factor.

Some people know how to thrive consistently in this type of tourney, so it’s not a matter of identifying “good” vs"bad" players, it’s just that it adds variety by emphasizing somewhat different skills

You can keep the existing tournies the way they are… but it would be nice to have the occasional option for a slower paced tourney. Maybe on the weekends so more people are likely to have the time.


I personally like the deep stack, longer blinds levels, would love to see 15 minute blinds. Buy in not a factor, for me


On the last site I played on there were 2 larger tournaments per week, on Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday one was mid-high stakes and typically had 200+ runners. I guess it would compare to a 250K MTT here in terms of relative stakes. It lasted about 3 hours. The Sunday game was the highest buy-in and they would run satellites all week to qualify that way if people wanted to. Typically got about 100-125 runners and could last over 5 hours (not sure it ever made it to 6). Call this one equivalent to a 1M entry here. Very enjoyable as a once a week thing and despite the higher buy-ins and the time requirements, these were the biggest fields of the week, every week.

Its not just about the longer structure but it is also important to get deep enough fields. Imagine getting a 100+ runner field here in any 250K+ tournament. That’s some serious payout to the top finishers. It was also nice to be able to play against a variety of players instead of the same 10-25 all the time.


I like the idea of longer format tournaments. Why limit them to high buy-ins?

Existing tournaments have early stages where a lot of people seem to play any 2 cards. This resembles tap dancing through a minefield more than it does poker. This can’t really be avoided.

The way the structures are set up, the end stages are reduced to an allin crapshoot. I understand that this is, to some extent, a part of tournament play, but the fast blind levels push it absurd levels. Again, this isn’t really poker.

There’s a short period in the mid stages where one can actually play poker, but the fast blinds make this a fleeting opportunity.

So what if a few tournaments last more than 3 hours? This is supposed to be a poker site, let your customers play poker.