Replay shills

Anyone know the number of or percentage of players are Replay hired shills ? I have seen many on here. I would estimate around 50 %.

Welcome to the Forums, Jenny36. Enjoy your time here and good luck at the tables.

Out of curiosity, what would the shills (if they existed) be paid in? You do understand that the chips used here are non-negotiable and cannot be converted to any currency on Earth, right? Even the hyper-inflated 1990s era Zimbabwe dollars were printed on paper and therefore had more intrinsic value than RP chips.

RP is fun, but it isn’t a real casino or cardroom.


Replay sells chips, for real money. you get it?

We are a community here. No hired shills. Just folks who enjoy the game of poker and each other’s company, sorta like family. Sorry you feel that way…Happy Holidays…


No one has to buy chips !!! But, I have some swamp land if you’re in the market


So what, exactly, do these shills do?

Replay uses the money from chip sales to pay salaries, for office space, utilities, and for hosting services and bandwidth. What little is left over is the profit that any business expects.

Something like 25% of the real players buy chips. If 50% of the players are paid shills, this would mean that 12.5% of the players buy enough chips to pay all the expenses listed above, PLUS have enough left over to pay thousands of shills.

That doesn’t seem possible to me.


I have won hundreds of millions of chips without buying any. You don’t need to buy any either. Nobody here encourages chip buying (except in the sense that I will take all of yours if you sit at the table with me).


Damn…was hoping to pay off my car. :frowning:


I admit that I’m a shill.
I tell people how great RP is. I never have bought any chips, they just give them to me. When I loose, they’ll give me more the next day!
I have special privileges, such as joining any table I want, leaving at any time I want, playing any amount I want, they’ll let me play any time I want, 24/7.
They even have offered me a special private room if I want to play and take all the money from some unexpected ‘friends’.
These are some of the perks of a shill, but not every one can be a shill though. You have to bet to play, even the ‘bad hands’…


Well said :+1:t2:

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the bad hands are usually over priced :wink:

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I never buy chips but I do leave a tip sometimes. Never seems to help with the cards though.

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Collect Underpants > ? > Profit.

Jenny: I personally feel your estimate is to high regarding real professionals. I think what your noticing is good to very good players. When you state professionally that is a different league from the others. Professionals know how to read your playing method and once they have it down they will bluff you out of all your winnings. Good players play the cards. Very good players play the cards and the signs of wagering. This takes a lot of playing to learn this. Keep playing and you if not already will be in that class quicker than you ever thought possible. Hope to see you at the table in the near future.

I admit it. I’m a paid shill. Just last week, they paid me $13 million in cash. It was all unmarked $100 bills with no consecutive serial numbers.

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I want half Eddie!

I doubt that there any.

I have no chips to sell but I have a bridge in Brooklyn if anyone is interested. Slightly used but in good condition!

Psssttt… don’t tell anyone but London bridge is for sale…

tbh. most active players on here are alt accounts looking to absorb chips from the peasants.