Replay Program

Yo, Replay, what is wrong with your program? I have been knocked out of more hands then I can count because the program froze me out while the clock kept running and folded me before I saw cards, the bet, or anything else. and its becoming more and more frequent.

Poker is a game of keen observation. Every bet, every card and at least a few seconds of see your hand is not only essential, its mandatory. in order to participate in the game’.

If your program is going to decide the hands it will allow you to play, whats the point in playing?

Its extremely frustrating when I’m playing in a tournament. The clock is beeping at me to make a play but the program wont let me play, and then it folds me for taking to much time.

Other p;layers at the tables have complained about it as well, and I’ve noticed that players at the table will start blinking gray to orange and not being able to play either.

I’ve just been throne out of two SSNG tournaments in a row by the program.because I wasn’t able to participate in the game by your program.

Are you aware of this problem and are you working on it?


Sorry. YIAZMAT already brought this topic up under, “Why did I get folded”. Unfortunately the problem hasn’t been taken care of.



I cant play. The program wont let me play. Three tournaments in a row and the program blocks me out. I’m sitting at the table screaming what just happened, show me what happened, and then I get folded out.


I’m sitting at the table and I can hear cards being dealt and bets being made and then I get folded out.

np. if it hasn’t been solved yet, i hope this topic will help.

if you mean you also got folded when you should not, i don’t know how to help you and hope they find a way to fix the problem.

if it is (also) a speed problem. if you click your lobby away and only keep the table you are playing on open, it is getting quicker. it won’t solve the full problem but certainly a big part.

Good Morning zappata. Your problem is noted and being looked into by Tech Support. Also instead of or in addition to posting in Community Forums you can email support directly. In the meantime you can try only keeping one window open, the one with the table that you are currently playing on. Hope this helps.

Sorry for your troubles,


Thank you for your reply Craig, Its happening again. When I first logged in today I mhad no problems with the program. But the more I played the further the problem became as if the program was progressively deteriating.

I typically never have more then three windows open at any given time. The home page, the tables lobby and the table.

I was just folded out of tournament ID #1227597, hand just prior to 298914918 with 3 aces after the flop. The program there after appeared determined to knock me out of the game.

I just cleared my cache and everything else is up to date. Have you any other suggestions before the SSNG tourney ends tomorrow?

Thank you, sir.


Thank you for your reply as well, yiazmat. As I mentioned to craig, I typically never have more then 3 windows opened at any one time. However, while playing these same SSNG tournaments I’ve not left any of the lobby windows open because once the game starts it has a finite resolution.

I don’t know what to do. I will try logging out every two tournaments and logging back in.


great answer CJ , I also found that keeping a 2ed comp open is handy .

Its not been as bad since I started logging out and logging back in.


Good Morning Zappata, Great news ! Do whatever works for you. Please keep us posted.


I had only one window open and got folded out with a winning hand and a huge pot… still like the site a lot but it does get irksome…

See if you can find the hand in your replay and send me the link so we can look at what happened.

Best I can do right now is to forward it up the chain of command.