Replay poker world championships

i think i have a great idea for replay poker, see here the details:

i think it would be a nice idea to do every 3 months (quantity can be altered if nessecary) a world championship.

  • first there will be a qualification round for all lands, this means 1 mtt for the netherlands, belgium, united kingdom, united states, canada, japan etc. etc. etc. simply said every land.
  • in every land there will be 1 winner, and that winner will win a ticket for the finals, that finals are the world championship. and all those lands will battle against each other for his land to become the world champion.
    *in short: there are qualification rounds first for each land, and the winner will win a ticket for the world championship. after that the world championship comes and the winner of that tournament will be the champ.

i have also optional but highly recommend idea’s to add to this:

  • make a additional list on replay of the past winners (like a hall of fame). for example: first world champion was whddg234, second was lkppor56, third was qqwwmntr. (well you get the idea)
  • give every championship not only a winner but also a second and third place, and give them a gold, silver and bronze medal. and put them there where everyone can see it, so you can see when clicking on them and watching his/her profile. (as you already expect this is also meant as trophy like prize)
  • probably the best add to this idea is to make an world championship category on replay where you can put the two idea’s mentioned above and all other honorable details. after a while you will also get a medal list like the olympic games. for example: land 1: 12 gold, 7silver, 19 bronze. land 2: 10 gold, 17 silver, 9 bronze. etc.
    in short: you can add an world championship category and put there all player accomplishments, land accomplishments, and a medal ranking.
  • one last thing: besides honor rewards, you can also give chip prizes of course.

hope you all like the idea. comments can be posted below if you like of course.

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Would love to see this in action :slight_smile:

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great to hear that you like it :slight_smile:

i hope replay agrees with us :wink:


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Thanks a lot for sharing your world championship concept @yiazmat! :slight_smile:

We discussed it internally and we like the idea of running a competition on Replay whereby players could play and defend the colours of their own country. This is a concept that in general we would like to see come to life on Replay at some stages.

There are plenty of projects for us to tackle in 2017 and this one might not be a top priority yet although a world championship like the one you described is definitely something we will want to give som thoughts for the futute . Same goes for a team competition. Your feedback and ideas when it come to its mechanisms will be very helpful!

Agains, thanks a lot for sharing! :raised_hands:

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good suggestion !

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