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Hey gang! We’re aware that there are a couple tournaments that haven’t been refunded yet, but they will be soon. We’re collecting the IDs and will be processing them shortly. We know you worked hard for this chips and we wanted you to know they’re still coming. =)

Daily Bonus

A few folks have noticed they received two bonuses in one day and missed one on the 20th. This was an issue related to the outage. The good news is your bonus is still fine and you haven’t been reset. The bad news is you have to play more poker. Oh no! As always, if something doesn’t look right, please contact support – we’re here to help.

I am happy to hear that all tournaments will be refunded as soon as aour system is fully working. It was a nightmare playing the past few days and I have been starting to look for another poker site to join. I would appreciate being keep informed of youir status. Thank you for realizing that there is a problem and planning to correct the problem.

Vince (sfz)

sob, sob, sob. Sounds like your problems are all not connected to poker!


Our hosting provider is doing some maintenance beginning at 10 PM ET on January 27th for approximately two hours. It should not impact site usage beyond a little initial slowness as we switch some of the load around. A simple browser refresh should help if you find yourself disconnected.

​If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free let us know.

We’d like to apologize in advance with this otter:


Howdy all!

We’re planning a maintenance window for tomorrow, February 4 for a server upgrade. The expected downtime is approximately 30 minutes.

We will be canceling tournaments that would typically be running during the maintenance period, as well as tournaments from 5:00-5:30 AM ET inclusive. This way, nobody has to lose their Royal Flush to the black hole of the internet. =)

All registering Sit & Go tournaments will be canceled starting from 4:30am EST.

Not sure what time that is for you? Check it: – New York is a good pick for Eastern Time.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. We hate downtime too, but it’s always better on your own terms! Thanks for your understanding.

Canceled Tournaments (MTTs)

Please note the following tournaments, around the time of the upgrade, have been canceled:

  • The Worm (4:00am ET)
  • Omaha Riders (4:15am ET)
  • Angel of Mercy (4:30am ET)
  • Jump for Joy (4:30am ET)
  • Royal Party (4:45am ET)
  • Eye of the Tiger (5:00am ET)
  • Bankroll Builder (5:15am ET)
  • Bounty Chase (5:30am ET)
  • Good Fortune (5:30am ET)

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The scheduled maintenance will now start one hour later than scheduled at approximately 6:00 AM ET.

Please note we’ve canceled the following MTTs due to the extended maintenance window. Any registered players for these tournaments will have their buy-ins returned.

  • Freeroll to 15K MTT (6:00am ET)
  • Bankroll Builder B&R (6:15 ET)
  • Rapid River (6:30 ET)
  • Super Blind Starter (6:30 ET)
  • Omaha Ghost Train (6:45 ET)

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.

The scheduled maintenance has now started, we hope to be back online within 30 minutes. Keep checking back here for further updates. Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:

awww… that is sooo sweet :heart_eyes: i think otters would probably make awesome poker players - the way they keep their paws over their chests… no one could get a peek at their cards…lol… ppl who rescue/rehabilitate animals are saints :innocent: and ppl who appreciate and post things like this are pretty great too :+1:

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Awww very cute!

Okay, so we’ve completed the maintenance and bringing everything back online. We should be up and running in a few minutes everyone!

can the otters come play too ?… you guys do a very good job with this site :+1: just thought i would let you all know :horse:

Thanks @wildrenee!

We’re now back online. You may notice a slowdown between hands at the moment as we warm up the engine, but this will return to normal shortly.

Thanks for your patience with this server upgrade, we brought a new faster server online that also gives us a fallback if things go wrong - which means a more stable, more responsive poker experience for everyone. Enjoy!

Only four or five S&G Tourneys are showing. When will all the tourneys be back?

Should be back shortly @Xov, just working on it now.

still having technical difficulties. Is this right?

No, everything is working normally again.

Thank You, soz it’s late but still… better than never

I love the site, hiccups happens, who go through life without problems

:wink: to all RP Staff, cheers!!!

Oh to those others, cut out the dramas, be cool be KOOLKAT, haha

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Hey all! Some of you may have noticed an error message or a little bit of slowness over the weekend. The tech team responded and uncovered an issue with some messaging errors and were able to address it. As it was just causing some delays, everything is still ready to rock for your poker enjoyment!

As mentioned, our developers have looked into it and are planning to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

If anything looks odd, or you have any questions, don’t hestitate to contact support! We’re here to help. =)

Hmmm site down :frowning: