Replay Poker - Site Status Updates

We’re currently experiencing problems with our servers providers, which are affecting both ring games and tournaments at the moment.

Our team is on the case and we’re working to get this fixed as quick as we can. Unfortunately, we have no ETA at the moment.

All tournaments will be refunded as soon as our system is fully working.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the trouble!


You need to close and refund unstarted tournaments that have been waiting 30 minutes and longer

lost 2000

Lost $10K on Crazy blind starter, do we get that back??

yeah well looks like im going to lose 15000

Crazy blind started is the one I’m on…39 minutes and no start

I take it that at least my 100,000 for Dare It and 50,000 for Expensive Fun will be refunded. I was in the last 20 of Dare It and travelling well and would like to be compensated for this. These are two of the most expensive tournaments and I had just purchased 1m chips for $50AUD to play. I don’t want to lose them this way.

hr n 36 min no start wtf

what is going on anyway I lost 10,000

I entered NL HOLD EM MTT Crazy Blind Starter, tournament #419391at 12:10 AM 7/2/15 for 10K buy in. I had a $155,000 and change balance. My account was charged the 10K buy in but I was never connected to the game. I kept trying to Play Now but was never connected. At 12:30AM I received a “SITE PROBLEM” message. I would like my account refunded the 10K that was charged for the game I did not get to participate in. Thanks, HARLYCHARLY

I’ve waited 45 minutes for Crazy Blind Starter and spent 10K chips for nothing. At this time I request a refund, and everyone else should get a refund that was affected by this “site problem”.

@all Rest assured, all tournaments will be refunded as soon as we fix the problem.

I lost $10,000 in a tourney that never connected and never started. Please refund my $10,000.

to say the least this is the TSUNAMI of all TSUNAMI’S

now 5800 hick with this not coming back. better poker games out there…bye replay

Is this the end of Replay Poker?

you are doing the best you can that’s all we ask for :heart_eyes:

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what do you mean.

lost hand 55444 for good sizw pot that would have put me 1st place running, darn!!!