REPLAY poker on i pad,i phone easy

Playing REPLAY poker on i pad can be done if you use puffin browser.Works perfect with me.

I agree with you, Puffin works perfectly on iPad and iPhone, but from 1st October it is ceasing operating on Apple devices. If you have the paid version of Puffin it will continue for a few more weeks and then cease altogether.

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How can you play RP on a Kindle or IPhone? Can’t find a way.

MC, use photon Browser for IPhone (or Ipad and don’t use the other Photon Browser Option). I’ve used it quite a few times, it can be a little unstable but is generally ok. If you have a problem just stay calm, close the app, reopen and log in, all good. It cost a few bucks but not much.

If you are using an android device Puffin Browser is best by far.

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I never knew this.Thanks for letting me know