Replay Poker needs to be repaired!

Replay needs to fix this VERY frustrating flaw!

Please review Omaha poker hand numbers 176728054 and 176729662. In hand number 176728054 while playing Omaha I noticed my low cards (Talisman) were not being recorded by the program. At the end of the hand neither my cards or the actual winner (Spawn) with a lower hand won the low half of the pot? On hand number 176729662 I had another best low hand going after the flop but it wasn’t seen by the Replay game so I had to fold a winning hand.

You were playing on Fire Breathers table which is an Omaha table. Omaha does not have a lo hand. Omaha Hi-Lo (also known as Omaha8) does have a Hi and Lo hand split. A VERY simple mistake on your part rather than a VERY frustrating flaw. Hope this explains it for you. Good Cards and Good Luck…