Replay Poker Is Looking For Streamers!

Replay Poker is looking for poker streamers!

Are you interested in streaming on Twitch? Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned streamer, we’d love to hear from you. Replay Poker is launching a Twitch channel, and we’re putting out a call for any interest, regardless of experience level. Are you a Hold’em pro, or is Royal more your style? Whatever your game, we’re happy to host you! Our official Twitch channel will showcase your content.

We’re creating a special promotional page to call out anyone who streams for us, and will actively promote those involved to help market their channel.

Streaming is a great way to represent the Replay Poker community. Not only will you get to know new players, you’ll gain broadcasting experience and an audience along the way. We’ll be crediting any streamers with a generous amount of chips, along with extra chip bonuses to offer as giveaways while streaming.

Players must be willing to stream with a camera. If you’re new to this, no problem. We’ll help you get started, and Global Promotions Manager GoldenDonkey (and Twitch streamer himself!) can answer any questions you may have along the way. He’ll also be available during initial broadcasts to offer guidance in real time.

Ready to get involved? Contact GoldenDonkey at to let us know you’re interested!

What are the System, OS, Software/Hardware, and connection requirements? I tried to ask BuffaloPrime but got no answer. Basically what are setup costs ? What players are excempt from apply’n ?

Can we get basic information thru this thread, even if the menusha can discussed in private ???

After Buffalo & Alec… a poker player that can stream will work alot better than a streamer trying to do poker… As I am interested in streamimng in general, and having to possibly get a new puter setup, It would be nice to get the basics here Golden Donkey… @least what its gonna take to get started. Some Idea would be fantastic as to whats need’d.

Platform, OS, memory, hardware/software, connections, ect ect.

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Hey Sassy_Sarah,

In terms of what is needed for a setup, I would start by looking at this guide:

We would encourage anyone to try their hand at streaming, if it’s a good fit for the brand, then we would look at endorsement.

If people have VODs they have already made, please feel free to share them with me


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What kind of endorsement?

We are still finalising details, but it would include things like:

  • Chips/Tournament Tickets to give away on your stream to help with engagement.
  • We will have a page of endorsed streamers, that will have a bio and a link.
  • Broadcast announcements that players are live, this has a lot of reach.
  • We would host players on our official Twitch channel.
  • We would post videos of the stream on the Replay Poker YouTube channel.
  • Potential marketing campaign, featuring endorsed streamers.
  • Compensation for streamers time, based on chips or tournament tickets.
  • Behind the scenes support from me, especially for players who choose to stream premium events, such as Bust The Staff!

There are other irons in the fire, and if players have suggestions, we can review the feasibility of them.

Hope this helps,


OK, thanks.

Yes, i have a suggestion… how about an affiliate program where referring streamers get some percentage of their referral’s chip purchases? I’m talking cash, not chips.

Thanks for your suggestion SPG.

I think that mixing an affiliate program with the streaming program at this time could have little impact for a lot of setup time/cost.

It’s something to think about in the future for sure, especially if there is a Replay Streamer that has a large following.