Replay Poker for the App

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask if there is replay poker also for mobile (app) uch have read somewhere that the dss team is working on it?

Greets Victor

Hi Avuuz , welcome to the forum.

I hope this answers your question. Good luck at the tables.


Oh okay In from Germany, is this app possibly also available for Android? Unfortunately I don’t have an iOs

I hope it comes also for Android

We absolutely have plans for an Android app! Our focus is currently getting more features to the iOS app, but Android is in the works and we hope to have something to show you later this year. :slight_smile:

Download the app on my iPhone, couldn’t really get any playing done. Didn’t realize there were so many poker sites on the App Store. Anyway I deleted the app for now until everything is smooth sailing and working fine. I’ll stay on my laptop until that time comes. Looking forward to seeing a working product :+1:t2: Please keep us posted on progress and I’ll keep checking this thread . Thank you.