Replay poker eats CPU - why?

Running RP in Firefox on a relatively well specced PC. Most of the time running it with no other windows open. Is it just me, or is it a common problem?
Next: how to avoid it? :slight_smile:

I’ve seen that happen when I keep the lobby window active. If you’re on the tables with the lobby window closed (not just running in the background!), do you still experience that? Also, do you experience the same problems when you’re on the new HTML5 tables, or just when you’re on Flash tables?

I use Flash, I guess :slight_smile: It demands Flash to let me in. Only an issue when the active game window is open.
Can I “force” it into using HTML5 (If thats a question that makes sense …) ?

The RP team is in the process of converting tables to HTML5. They appear to have started with 1-2 NL Texas ring game tables, and will be looking to move other game types and tournaments from Flash to HTML5 over the coming weeks.


Firefox itself is resource-eating, then you may try another browser like Chrome or Opera,
Depending on the OS version you use, you could also try to change the flash settings ( lesser quality and hardware accelleration), if possible.