Replay Poker at the WSOP!

Good luck @Shakeraise!!!



Could turn out to be great PR…good luck!


Best of luck Shakerraise.


Waves Finger (foam , w/replay logo) for @Shakeraise


Good luck from Germany Shakeraise… give it to 'em hard :wink:


Thanks All! :raised_hands:t2:

I made it to the Day 2 with 88.4k in chips. I believe there is slightly over one third of the field left. If confirmed, it would mean that my stack is slightly below the average stack.

The game resumes tomorrow at 1pm Pacific Time. The WSOP chip count report will hopefully be fully updated by then.


Best of luck :crossed_fingers:



Kate xx


sounds like you’re doing very well, gl on the second day of the tournament :facepunch:t2:

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Well done! Much better than my Level 3 exit on Day 1A. I had 2nd set (TTT) to top set (JJJ) with busted straight and flush draws in a 3-bet pot. I called it off on the river. The guy was really agro and was 3-betting everyone light for hours so I didn’t give him credit for that strong a hand.

I see you are about the median in chips and I have your table and seat number. I’ll PM you and Fizzy to see if we can meet up. I’ll have to drag my exhausted butt over there but it would be fun if there’s the opportunity. I don’t have the energy for a reentry or I’d jump back in. It would be wasted money at this point because I’m fried from too much poker over the past 3 weeks.

Run well!


Fingers crossed for you here bro… :wink:

Hi All,

Thanks for your wishes and comments! :raised_hands:t2:

I busted 727th out of 6,246 at the end of Day 2 yesterday. I made the payouts for $1,700. This was a superb tournament with a great deep structure. Plus it was a charity one organised by One Drop which is also satisfying. Below is the hand I busted out with.

I will be playing the WSOP #80 $1,500 NLH//PLO event today.

The event started 40 minutes ago and I’ll share some updates on that thread. Hopefully the thread won’t be too short. :blush:

Feel free to comment and ask questions and i’ll try to reply when I have a chance!

Cheers, Shakeraise


Do you shove AQs after an UTG raise because you work for Replay, or do you work for Replay because you shove there? :slight_smile:

Good job on the cash. Good luck in your next one!


UTG is a very lose aggressive player and has a very wide range in general. I forgot to mention there is a BB Ante of 8K too so already 60K in the pot when I shove. It was honestly a no brainer. :slight_smile:


I shoved AhQh in almost the same situation in the '06 Main Event. UTG was a big stack maniac who called me with J6o and flopped a jack. At least you cashed, I didn’t.

Have fun and good luck.

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Congrats Shakeraise on the cash, good thing that wasn’t here
or you’d just be another bingo player to many ppl. Good to see
there are situations where a shove isn’t a bingo.

:vulcan_salute: in the rest of your Tournies.


the squeeze with AQs seems good to me as well. you’re often gonna pick it up uncontested and increase your stack by 50%. and if the maniac calls you won’t be devastated either. also when the BB decided to call and flipped up 99 you still had a coinflip but with so much dead money in the pot you can happily play a flip even if you knew it he had it.
gratz on the cash and good luck on your next tournament

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Well done , that s what makes the game a winner .

Nice one

Congrats on the cash!

Interesting hand. Would love to know the stack depths. I agree that the shove was an easy decision in that spot, with 15BB. In a single raised pot vs someone opening maybe 15-18% of hands UTG (if really loose), AQs is enough ahead to be strongly cEV+ here. Since the bubble had broke, play should have loosened up quite a bit, making AQs even stronger than normal vs the UTG’s expanded opening range

My eyes would have been on the cutoff flat. That should have been a strong range but one you are still way ahead of. Maybe he flats with a 10% range, consisting mostly of medium pairs, with some AA/KK/AK thrown in to trap. The really curious play to me was the BB just calling there, unless he had a huge stack. 99 after an UTG open, a CO flat and a BTN shove is usually not a call. If the initial raiser had a hand and 4-bets, 99 just set 15BB on fire. Same thing if the CO was trapping, hoping you or another shorter stack would shove. At best, 99 is flipping vs the shove and that assumes it even gets to see a flop HU. If he gets called/ 4-bet and sees a flop, he’s out of position with a hand that can’t take pressure unless it hits a set. Just really not a fan of that call unless there is other info to support it.

Damn but I love this game!

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